Heung-Min Son (손흥민)

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It's a shame he has to share it with such a revolting figure. Not only that, but there is no chance Son will get the credit he richly deserves in the media because of the fact he's sharing it with Salah.

But fuck it! That's our gain, keep him under the radar we need him here for as long as we can. Not a player in my life I've loved more than this guy. He's infectious in the most positive way imaginable.
Why u say that re Salah?
I also saw that Son is the third biggest celebrity in South Korea behind BTS and BlackPink.

World class all around!
He should be #1 there- it might be another 50 or 100 years before their country produces another Premier League Golden Boot winner. His level is unreal right now. If not, ought to be one of the most eligible bachelors and desired men on Earth atm. Must be nice being single for him right now...
Yea I agree. He sometimes goes a long time without the ball, almost to the point of seeming uninfluential, but his shooting/finishing has been absolutely unreal this year, especially this past month or two. Goals win games- can't argue with that. Can you imagine what his numbers could look like if he got to take all the pens and maybe even some FKs?
I'm surprised he hasn't really taken any direct free kicks this year tbh. Not like anybody else has been producing on them.
so proud to be Korean!!! how's yall perspective about him? is he consider tottenham legend at this point already or does he have long way to go still?
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