How Wigan Has Come to Define Us

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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
Sat in the Park Lane the temptation to run out on to pitch and boot the ball away almost took over. Had I not been holding my head in disbelief, perhaps I would have done it. It may not be the glamour game of any Tottenham season, but the fixture against Wigan always serves as an omen of what’s to come. The Wigan games over the years have come to hold some resonance with me. Like the day MJ died, [...]

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I attended most matches that 9-1 season and I still have my unused ticket for the game as I had to be abroad. Saw the result on teletext, that day I understood the meaning of bittersweet.
Pretty appropriate article after today's match. We were lacking in ideas, painfully static and bereft of any sense of urgency until they scored - not the last time, I fear, that Spurs will be characterised as such this season. We badly need Ade to get back in form and for Mousa and Parker to return to add energy and drive to the midfield.


'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
We've been shit all season and now dropped points at home to norwich wba and wigan..... thats not the future i was hoping for.
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