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Fucking pay me!!!
Couldn't agree more with this. Way too slow for what top level football requires nowadays - big old unit but unfit with it. A shame because I think with better mentality and conditioning could have been an awesome player. Even so his passing could be awesome and scored a few incredible long-range shots like in the 3-3 NLD. Basically I think he was, overall, good, but also had a lot of unrealised potential.

I recall towards the end of his tenure he came back from a long term injury leaner and fitter than we'd ever seen him and he was on a blinding run of form before succumbing to one last injury, struggling then leaving.

On his day he was magic to watch.

The Swellhead Spur

Annibyniaeth Cymru
Hudd is a free agent from today. We should bring him back to work with the Academy.
I'd love that but wreckon he could play for many years, he will be that midfielder a league 2 sign as Captain takes all their set pieces and doesn't run, but the class is their for all to see

My favourite Spurs player ever tbh, met him when I was 11 he stopped and had a pic with me, such a lovely guy
One of my presents for Xmas was 'A little book of Spurs', more than 185 quotes to do with Spurs. Reading one a day, randomly. Today's one...

"He wasn't born, he was chiselled out of an oak tree" - Alan Green (BBC 5 live) praising Huddlestone Vs Man Utd, Sept 2007.
Ha, I got that at Christmas too 🎁
Ha, I got that at Christmas too 🎁

I didn't.

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