Hugo Lloris

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yes!!!!!!!! love him i've been watching France ever since 2006 on account of being French and discovering football and he is amazing, much better than sliced bread
and yet we'll end up with Kasper Schmiecal!

we can rule out Tim Krul too... why will he come here if he can get CL football at Newcastle next season... (possibly!)
Massive Yes. Incredible keeper, but would probably cost more surely? Remember they turned down a 20m bid from Woolwich a couple of years back, reportedly.
I've seen a fair few tweets since yesterday with a "shopping list" that includes players such as Hazard, Llorente etc. who would have been realistic targets 2 months ago. There is no way we will sign these players we have been talking about for so long if we don't get champions league.
We're the top ranked team in England who still need a proper keeper. Brad's good but is just too old to rely on.

As for leaving France, I think the lure of the Prem and La Liga are huge. Look at Ben Arfa, he was at a Marseille and Lyon playing CL football, won 5 titles, but ended up at Newcastle. Look at Ajax players, they always move on despite being a CL and title winning team.

I''m not saying we'll get him, and 10m is a steal, but it's not out of the realms of possibility.


Shelf Side Tottenham
Don't get me wrong, but why do we need Hazard? It's would be a-lot of our transfer budget spent on the wrong area.

We need to sign fullbacks and centre backs and two good strikers!
As above- no Champs League the you can rip up the wet dream shopping list and start thinking about who we lose and being disappointed when Holiett turns us down for Newcastle.......still get to keep Jenas and Bentley

But if we do end up in CL- surely Alder on a free is the better bet
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