Hugo Lloris

Mbappe tested positive for Covid-19. What about the other players in their squad? No way of knowing.

Some players came back from holiday directly to their national teams. Nations League could destroy the season.
Jose fucking loved that. And so do I.

We need more of that attitude, lots more.

I'm sure I read in someone's autobiography (roy keane's maybe?) that if they weren't winning at half time, there'd be loads of fights and if someone wasn't pulling their weight, they'd get their arse kicked.

Was Jose managing him when he was at Lyon too?

Most of what happens at a Football Club is never seen or heard by anyone other than those working for the club. It is commonplace for fights and arguments. Nowhere other than perhaps the military is the environment so conducive to this (all team sports). When team talks consist of "taking no prisoners", "blood, sweat & tears", "dying for the cause" blah, blah, blah..........

What social media has bought to football, however, is "bro-fucking-mancing". Endless video clips of players embracing, pranking, with the #together whatever it is the response is a united chorus of fans responding with "my team", "my captain", my striker". This is media manipulation, just as the Jose propaganda right now.
Very mixed game. Made some very good saves and yet lucky to get away with VAR handball when he came out of area and was a bit weak for their first goal.

When did he get away with a VAR handball?

Or are you saying he was lucky that Ings created a goal with a clear handball and it got called?

Not sure how it was lucky in any way.
He's never been able to kick, he'll never improve that part of his game. Which is plain odd
Most goalkeepers are not footballers. It's this modern day trend of forcing them to play the ball out which exposes their weakness. Just wish he wouldn't piss around with the ball as much and wish we'd limit the amount of times we give him the ball in precarious positions.
Lloris fucked up as he did not clear the ball. Had the ball not hit Ings's hand he still had a good opportunity to score.

I think Lloris misplayed it but recovered enough to deal with it. I am not sure it was all that lucky. If the ball doesn't hit Ings arm it is easily dealt with as it goes right by him.
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