If it came down to it.... (bit of fun)

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Which would you rather if you had to choose a reality

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Team Tanguy

Each Baz like = I give him a call <3
Pulis so we can defend AND score from set pieces! Our corners will no longer be as threatening as a kick off.

& not bottle out of tackles/50-50s
all of a suddon, a wild ian beale appears

In all seriousness, I don't think Pulis would do that bad a job - it'd be embarrassing if he had his cap on. but every now and again he tips up looking less chav and more gangsta


I think that he has similarities with Redknapp though - I don't think either of them have the experience to quite break through that 'also-ran' category. That was the frustrating thing about HR - he would get a team to 2nd in the league, and the final of every competition and still manage to lose all of them.

It's like he's pissed off a Gypsy

In all seriousness though, remember not to take the thread too seriously as it's a 'worst case scenario' from "ugly football" managers


Shelf Side Tottenham
Pulis. Easy decision, wouldn't be pretty football but we'd win every game 1-0 and win the league #fact
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