If Poch does go, either this year or 5 years from now, is Simeone his best replacement?

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To dare is too dear
The guy is a proven winner, has won the EL and La Liga and numerous other trophies since 2013, Argentinien and has a serious set of balls on him that would, I think, change the entire mentality of this club from top to bottom, turn us into supporters who expect and demand success on the pitch.

He also plays a nice brand of football imo and will teach us to have a bit of nastiness about us like we had during that Chav game during the Leicester season (maybe not quite that bad though lol.)

What do you all think?


Carpe Diem
Brendan Rodgers is 7/2 favourite to be our next manager.

I've never yet put a bet on a horse without knowing for certain that the race will be taking place. I intend keeping to that with this topic in mind too.
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