If you could sell all our players this month and start again, would you?

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In answer to the question.


Mainly as I’m not a 12 year old computer football manager weirdo.

(Nothing against you computer geeks personally. I’m a dead turkey burger magnate. Which is a bit weird I guess ).


Freedom from Samsara
Yes. Need more intelligent and commited players.
LOL Oxymoronic.

You think we could attract a new squad, full of those characteristics? Right after we just sold everyone?? On the back of our history???

Agree though, kind of. Mass cull is needed to kill the lingering mentality of failure, that quickly sets hold once players sign.
I would sell almost all of them. But i have zero confidence they would be replaced with anyone better.

Until the scouting and recruitment failures are addressed (and those responsible replaced) we'll lurch from one fucking shit right-back to another slightly more/less shit right-back.

And repeat ad nauseum for the rest of the squad.


Freedom from Samsara
NDombele should be the trophy, starting departure. Symbolic sign this week if at all possible, in any way, shape, or form.
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We’ve done an atrocious attempt at a ‘rebuild’, but we shouldn’t just go and sign anyone.

God for bid we end up with another Emerson…

Let’s face it we were all begging the club to bring in Lo Celso and Tanguy. If they aren’t guaranteed to be better than the members of first 11 forget it.

Leave these guys

Lloris, Romero, Son, Kane

See if we can improve on any of these

Dier, Reguilon, Skipp, Lucas, Winks, Davies, Gil, Hojbjerg, Sanchez, Davies

Beg someone to take any of these

Gollini, Emerson, Doherty, Sessegnon, Tanganga, Rodon, Ndombele, Lo Celso,Bergwijn, Dele..
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Its a fun thing to say, particularly after a disappointing couple of matches, but the idea that any club can replace 25 players in one haul with a success rate even close to high enough to improve upon our current state is absurd.

Do we need to turn over this squad over time? Absolutely. But it will be painful in the short term, and its not guaranteed to work. Even City, with unlimited funds, took several seasons to build up to being a better club than we are right now. A total clear out and we'd be lucky to avoid relegation - particularly with how shit we are at scouting.
If I had to break it down into groups.

For sure keep
Lloris, Dier, Romero, Skipp, Kane, Lucas, Son

Keep until we can find an upgrade
Davies, Reguilon, Emerson, Sessegnon, Winks, Bergwijn, Gil

Get the fuck out of the club today and promote youth players to fill
Gollini, Doherty, Sanchez, Rodon, Tanganga, Hojbjerg, Dele, Ndombele, Lo Celso

Out of the main 23 players, that is for sure keeping 7, very reluctantly keeping another 7 and wanting out 9 today.

Honestly, would we be worse off with these changes.

Dele -> Scarlett
Lo Celso -> Alfie Devine
Ndombele -> Nile John
Hojbjerg -> Harvey White
Sanchez -> Malachi Walcott
Doherty -> Lyons-Foster

I am really not exaggerating when I say these youth players would give more fight and put in more effort which would result in better performances than the players I listed as outs.
I’d keep Lloris, Romero, Son and Kane. Everyone else can go. I feel like we have a lot of players who are square heads in round holes and are a class below where we need.

So you'd keep a 35 year old, a player that threw us under the bus so he could play for Argentina, a 30 year old and a guy that openly said he wants to play for Man City.

Sounds great.
Honestly, would we be worse off with these changes.

Dele -> Scarlett
Lo Celso -> Alfie Devine
Ndombele -> Nile John
Hojbjerg -> Harvey White
Sanchez -> Malachi Walcott
Doherty -> Lyons-Foster

Well, we wouldn't be a couple of points off 3rd place; that's for sure.
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