If you were at the matches at the moment how would.......

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I don't know to be honest. I'm not a fan of booing and would like to think I wouldn't do it, but you never know in the heat of the battle with 60k other people there.

Singing "Park The Bus, Park The Bus, Tottenham Hotspur, Playing Football The Mourinho Way"
Congregating after game, singing "We want Jose out"
Singing "We want our Tottenham back"
Singing "Fuck Off Mourinho" etc.
And Singing Dele Alli/insert name of other ostracised players names song
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I'm very rarely proud of myself
Actually switched off last night with 20 minutes left. First time I can recall not watching when I could.

But if I’d been at the stadium, I’d have fucked my throat up singing and urging the team on.

Joan Thomas

Antonio Conte...For the voices that spoke out

I would never boo. I would urge the players on if they started showing signs of effort, if not, I would sit in silence and probably shake my head a lot. I think a silent stadium that is full has a bigger impact than booing.
Actually would probably be singing the name of new manager and encouraging players, because Jose would have gone.
Will just need one week for that to happen if fans are back, fully expect it to happen beforehand
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