If you were at the matches at the moment how would.......

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I think people would be pissed off if we were watching from the stands, but I think they'd be less pissed off.

Something about watching on TV, particularly in lockdown, magnifies frustration and makes you feel entirely helpless.


I would open the Spurs app and scroll to the Season Ticket/Match Ticket screen before launching it towards the dugout in disgust.
Obviously social media isn't the best thing to go by but the reaction on social media seems very negative so I'd assume it would be just as negative at the grounds.

Lets put it like this , for many who don't live very close to the ground , matchday is like a whole day's experience. Rather than wasting 90 mins of your time watching the dross from Mourinho , you'd waste your whole day to watch that. So I can't imagine the reaction from fans would be good.
Booing? Perhaps not.

It is definitely like that in the south stand nowadays. People come for a day out and to be entertained. It doesn’t work like that without giving back (getting behind the team) I am afraid. The south stand is basically a worse version of the west upper in the old stadium.

Joan Thomas

Gascoigne's Crack
so everything pre dec 2000 didn't reach your standards?

best you find another club then
This is a good point. Strange why so many like to just compare where we are now to where we were in 2000.
Better to compare apples with apples.
In the 20 years before 2000 we lifted a major European trophy, 3 FA cups and a League cup when both were taken seriously.


Up The Spurs! Slava Ukraini! 🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦
If we were at matches I’d like to think we’d be giving the boys a vocal kick up the backside and drive a bit more energy in performances. That’s if I made it out of the bar. I’d kill for £4 pints of draft lager right now.

Personally never boo’d at a game, just isn’t me. But I think my apathetic silence would be just as damning.

The anger and tension in the crowds would be palpable if fans were in the stadium right now.
Stood in silence and disbelief I imagine, moan like fuck in the pub afterwards.

Booing is counter productive and serves no purpose IMO.
What rubbish.... I’m proud of how we’ve got managers sacked and hounded Sugar out.

I’m absolutely clear that the sooner that cunt is gone the better. If it means we need lose 0-8 tomorrow or boo repeatedly so be it
You're an idiot then AND clearly a troll (confirmed when you said you'd like Gerrard as manager).

Joined on Sun, will you make the week?
Just because I have a different opinion? I want him gone and I want a new approach whilst we still have a chance of turning it around. We have good players, and are underachieving. It’s simply awful
Well, right now, I really don't care about our team. Having a shit phase, but if it was possible again to sit in a fully packed 60k stadium, I personally would feel very happy. I have only been to two games, WHL once and the new stadium once. I wouldn't care so much about the result, I would expect our football to be boring and soulless, but being there in person is still different. Hopefully life will be back to normal soon.

On a side note, I just checked our line-up to the game I went in 16/17, 1-0 win against Sunderland. Ton of chances, lots of possession, but still struggled to get the goal. Thats the Tottenham I know. :sonpoint:
Anyway, out of 21 players that day, 10 are still at the club. On the same match day, comparing this with other teams, they barely get to 6 or 7. Its really time this summer to offload more players.


I'm right and you're wrong
I wouldn't pay upwards of 50 quid and more to see us park the bus against the likes of brighton , fulham and west brom

Either the prices come down or we start playing something resembling football again

One of those things would need to happen before I realistically think about going to matches again even after covid


What rubbish.... I’m proud of how we’ve got managers sacked and hounded Sugar out.

I’m absolutely clear that the sooner that cunt is gone the better. If it means we need lose 0-8 tomorrow or boo repeatedly so be it

Whilst I won’t say no to a change of management, I don’t want us to lose games. No true fan would.

If you want us to lose then you’re not a Spurs fan, end of.
it's hard to blame the management when some of our players don't even belong to the premier league. I don't care how we do it, just win next 4-5 games until Kane comes back
Fans would urge the team to attack. They would groan when they see a lack of effort and I think would help to put the opposition off especially in a London derby. Without looking at stats it appears to me that teams are not winning so many home matches and this has to be down to the lack of fans. Last night all 5 matches were won by the away team and even Liverpool lost at Home again. Yes they would vent their anger at poor results but overall I think it would be positive.
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