Is it wrong to enjoy or even revel in Arsenals humiliation?

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Having worked on a team with season ticket holders of Millwall, Woolwich and Gillingham - I gained the most satisfaction being able to discuss the weekends football in good detail with the lower league fans, then making out I had no idea who Woolwich played, what the score was or which players featured, putting him in that awful position of having to announce the latest shit scoreline.

Really boils my piss having to say out loud something like "we lost 3 nil at Brighton".
Obviously in rea life you can say what you want.

How do you guys treat the office? We have a couple of Woolwich fans, so far Ive taken the humble route of saying I feel sorry for Woolwich fans.

Of course inside im loving every second of their stupid pantomine. Thanking the lord every day for Stan Kronke.

Am I allowed to let my true feelings be known? Or will it end in trouble. Im new, and the gooners have been there for a while.

How do you guys approach office goons on a monday morning at the coffee station after another humiliation?
The only person you can call a cunt is your mate
We have even overtaken them for the decade. Does not seem we have been on top that long. Table shows Premiership results for whole decade
1Manchester City3812516565845342503818
2Manchester United3802208773688372316747
5Tottenham Hotspur3802068589657421236703
8West Ham United34110491146424520-96403
9Stoke City3239994130345447-102391
10Newcastle United32410673145385488-103391
12West Bromwich Albion3048587132343445-102342
13Swansea City2668266118306383-77312
14Leicester City21086497531228131307
15Crystal Palace2488153114283343-60296
17Aston Villa2666475127277432-155267
22Wolverhampton Wanderers152434267177239-62171
23Norwich City172424585181293-112171
24Wigan Athletic133333961145231-86138
25Hull City132293172122217-95118
26Blackburn Rovers94272245115157-42103
27Bolton Wanderers96281949114164-50103
28Brighton and Hove Albion9624274593142-4999
29Queens Park Rangers114222666115199-8492
30Cardiff City7617134666143-7764
31Birmingham City561221235587-3257
32Huddersfield Town7612174750134-8453
34Sheffield United207852319429
*Includes Points Deduction

What a great table. However of course, the Goons should have 0points since the dirty cheats bribed their way into the top league in 1919 having finished 5th or 6th (can’t remember which) in Division 2 in 1914 before the outbreak of WW1. Unfortunately they have been in the top flight ever since but I enjoy winding their filthy supporters up by claiming that all of their Leagues and doubles won since then are thus null and void.
A couple of my best mates are gooners and they used to be good craic talking about football as they had the upper hand years ago and kind of talked down to me in a way without directly slagging spurs off. Nowadays they just dont want to talk footie at all and the shoe is on the other foot-I act like I am taking the high ground asking who they think should get the managers job and whats happening at your club, do you think Aubamayang will stay, will Ozil be the man to lead them back to the top four etc
It boils their piss so much I fucking love it!


Look down for a giggle
Why is this question even being asked? Does not compute.


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I've only ever known two Woolwich fans one is my cousin and the other was some lad I used to go to school with.

Their both massive cunts...
Villa winning at Burnley in the early kick off sees Spammers drop into relegation places. Maybe Spammers and Woolwich will both be relegated!
This thread has aged well hasn’t it? (In a very short space of time I might add)...

firstly - is the thread starter deliberately trying to provoke the ire of the football gods? You should know how this works...we lose to Soton, they beat United etc

secondly - if Woolwich are currently being humiliated then what the fucks going on with us?

I’d rather we all kept our mouths shut (& enjoyed the schadenfreude in quiet glee) but I’ve got no say over what other Spurs fans do/say/think...
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