Is this the worst season of modern times?

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Is this the worst season of modern times (1990’s onwards)

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No it’s not the worst season, not even close. It’s a poor season by the standards that Poch set but judged against the last 25 years it’s a decent points return. We played a final as well.

It just feels like the worst because we were so close to making the final step towards being competitive in the league and instead we’ve shat ourselves and gone back to mediocrity.

Dr Rocktopus

Those were particular moments though and it is usually those that stay with you. But you'll be hard pressed to find a season that has had such a continuous serious of let downs and disappointments as this one. An absolute shambles from start to finish.

It wasn't just the CL Final though. It was our collapse after Redknapp started gunning for the England job, and the gooners pipping us to 3rd by a point.

Not saying this season hasn't been absolutely woeful though, but without fans I barely even count it as a real season.
That is a very good point. Previously it was always let’s get the stadium money maker built then we can push up. Now it’s done and we are going backwards.
But we haven't even got to enjoy this money maker yet.

If we imagine a non-Covid world I think we've invested another 150-200m into the squad and maybe we are in a much better place right now.

It's too early to say that the stadium won't allow us to push on when you consider the context we're in.

If all ENIC care about is maximising profit then they need to care about what's on the pitch as that's what it ultimately boils down to.

You don't spend 20 years taking the club to another level and then just let it fade away with a whimper.

I'm confident we will see significant investment in the squad over now as there is simply no alternative for ENIC.
Its the first season I've questioned the support of our fanbase. Boo the board by all means same goes for the officials and away players. Whilst I respect the right of every fan's right to decide their own way of venting displeasure and frustration I've never seen the merit in booing the players off at half time in the hope it will somehow gee them up for the second half.

I was in the Sarf and there was a section of the more knowledgeable attendees who voiced the suggestion (in their professional opinion) that Bale should come on and make a difference? When it came to pass and after a couple of missed flicks and runs down dead alleys he attempted to raise the noise a decibel and got booed for that.

I'm no saint and apologise to the more genteel who sat within earshot of me for the occasional expletive I felt compelled to deliver but I draw the line when it comes to hurling orchestrated bile and abuse at those who wear the lilywhite when a match is being played.

Not suggesting for one minute we follow the lead of other fans and have lobotomies in order to gleefully churn out verses of 'Glad all over' when we're losing 7-0 though we can try to get behind the team for the whole (for fans who stay that long?) 90+ minutes, even if we are playing shit and see how that works out.

At present, the Board are shit, the playing staff are shit and its looking like we may very well all deserve each other.

Two of the more (maybe) appropriate songs I didn't hear yesterday were.... 'Who ate all the pies' and 'Our support is fucking shit'.
Its the worst I can remember since 2003 when we lost 0-4 to Blackburn Rovers at home on the final day of the season, I can remember a lot of anger that day, people chucking their season ticket booklets on the pitch - of course with it being the final home game it didn't mean anything beyond a token gesture.

But that's the last season I can remember being as angry as this one.
I think what's uniquely shit about where we are now, is that in under 2 years we went from Moura's clinching goal at Ajax to send us into the Champions League final, we had Harry, Son, Eriksen, Dele, Toby, Jan, Hugo all playing at pretty much a world class standard, we had one of the most coveted managers in the world in Poch, and the best new stadium in the world, repeated CL qualifications and..... we look like a shambles of team about to start a 4 year rebuild with not enough money and a return to mid-table mediocrity and salt in the wound the goons who are utter shite are probably going to edge past us on the last day of the season.

It's that sick feeling that we had a generational opportunity with Harry, Dele and Son and we fucked it.
That's it. We have gone from as high as we have been in a very long time to this now. All our hopes and dreams crushed and now falling apart around us. Players and a manager who were sublime to players and a recently departed manager who were ridiculous.
I know we always pick ourselves up but I can't at the moment see how we go forward. :dempsey:
Last season I could count on my hand about 12 truly awful moments. This season I could add about ten more to that. Woolwich pipping us in the final game sums it up nicely. I think what’s worse this season is thinking back to how promising things looked at the end of 2020. With a world famous Manager at the helm to boot! Remember beating Arse, City and then Man U away 1-6? Fuck sake
You raise a good point. We were in, really, a false position when briefly top and had managed to grind out results.

When you consider that start and where we're finishing it shows just how fucking bad 2021 has been. Bottom half stuff.


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It's been pretty miserable but hasn't left me feeling anywhere near as bad as lasagne-Gate and Chelsea beating Bayern.
The thing for me is that I really cared about those two events and was gutted and surprised at them happening but after Xmas this season the writing has been on the wall!
To me it feels like the end of AVB and after Bale left.

We had a fractured dressing room and I felt zero connection to most of the players on the pitch. It was well known that there were different cliques in the dressing room.

The only positive is after that I couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel...then the Poch era started
I said no straight away, 'cos I remember feeling in pain watching the AVB era... but you make quite a good case.... maybe it is the worst... I don't know... 😔
We had some good moments though and there was room for some hope for quite a lot of it... I'm not sure I even remember feeling hope under AVB...


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Its the worst I can remember since 2003 when we lost 0-4 to Blackburn Rovers at home on the final day of the season, I can remember a lot of anger that day, people chucking their season ticket booklets on the pitch - of course with it being the final home game it didn't mean anything beyond a token gesture.

But that's the last season I can remember being as angry as this one.
Now that brings me back. I was actually at that game. I was 13 but remember it being pretty toxic. Poyet was sent off and Damien Duff tore our defence apart. Met Graeme Souness before the game somehow; he was a miserable cunt even then.


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In my supporting memory (1995 till today) - yes absolutely and mostly due to the scale of collapse from genuine title contenders in 2017 to this

The late 90s / early 2000-2003 teams were worse in terms of player quality - but expectations were also lower then.

We are without a doubt in for rudderless times


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1993/4: We finished 3 points off relegation
1996/7: We finished 6 points off relegation
1997/8: We finished 4 points off relegation

I understand our expectations have shifted, but this is why deep down I just can't get too worked up about sacking the board, sacking Levy, calling Mason a cunt, and whining that we've never had it so bad.

Newsflash: we have had it this bad and indeed much much worse. I'm not saying this season has been good enough, not by a long shot. We reached heights we could only dream of previously under Poch and the failure to build on it is criminal. The blame lies solely with Levy, and not because of a lack of investment but bad investment. We've spunked money down the drain on players who aren't good enough, or aren't wanted by a manager. This is what needs to change.

Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe the pandemic year has made me tired. I don't know. All I know is next year we go again.
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