Is this the worst season of modern times?

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Is this the worst season of modern times (1990’s onwards)

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The collapse at the end of the season, 3-0 in Europe, barely leaving our own half in the cup final, the super league, Kane leaving, Levy staying, listening to the Sky Sports agenda, VAR, no fans, players underperforming, players downing tools, finishing below Woolwich and West Ham. I don’t like the majority of our squad, I hate the ownership, I didn’t like both managers we have had.

Exactly. You only missed social media and the cunts that infest it and you would have had Bingo.
No question the worse as far as how I feel about the club and players goes. It's like a part of the connection I've had with it for 40 years has died. We've become this absurd, glitzy property with shit furniture.
No. It’s not.

I think losing a CL final was pure shite for my soul.
I had real hope and expectations that night. Think it fucked the squad up a bit too.

This season all a bit meh. No fans. A dickhead manager.

Worst case scenario we might even make a profit!!



In Toni we Trust
Yes, this season has been bad, but my big worry is that next season could be worse.

Luckily, I'm wrong about most things.


Back to the 60s
Yes, this season has been bad, but my big worry is that next season could be worse.

Luckily, I'm wrong about most things.
I’m always hopeful and will be watching on Sunday when Harry is on the bench with Dier and Winks and Son

Scarlett up front with Lucas
Rodon CB
N’Dombele running the show taking on oxygen every ten minutes
The 90's were far worse. I guess many on here are too young or newer supporters but to even compare now to then is laughable tbh
You are right the 90's were far worse. I used to cheer very year we got to 40 points )still do to be honest) but I didn't expect any more, perhaps the odd cup run.
Its the sense of the collapse now that has got to me, from competing in the PL and CL to potentially losing some of our best recent players.
We have been in this position many times before and we will turn it around eventually (who knows it might happen this summer). I just don't want to return to mid table mediocrity waiting for a scrappy draw at home to Woolwich to claim some sort of bragging rights.

Club feels rudderless at the moment.

Paul Gascoigne

Forum Jester
Don't know why but this feels worse.

Maybe it's because of being competitive recently.

But I think that the main reason is that the players seem to rule in the club but not try on the pitch.

Dier says he must play CH
DELE just sulks
Bale doesn't seem bothered

Besides this We don't seem to be able to pick the right team
I think what's uniquely shit about where we are now, is that in under 2 years we went from Moura's clinching goal at Ajax to send us into the Champions League final, we had Harry, Son, Eriksen, Dele, Toby, Jan, Hugo all playing at pretty much a world class standard, we had one of the most coveted managers in the world in Poch, and the best new stadium in the world, repeated CL qualifications and..... we look like a shambles of team about to start a 4 year rebuild with not enough money and a return to mid-table mediocrity and salt in the wound the goons who are utter shite are probably going to edge past us on the last day of the season.

It's that sick feeling that we had a generational opportunity with Harry, Dele and Son and we fucked it.
This captures it exactly right. Sure, there were objectively worse years and eras. But to fall from where we were in the final of the champions league to now just feels like the spursiest spursiness in the history of spursy, and I goddamn hate that concept, and I believed we were finally putting it to bed. Fool.
Memories fade over time. I can kind of remember Campbell leaving for Woolwich, Santini managing the club for a very short period, Hoddle not being the saviour we hoped. More recently the shit football and meltdown under AVB with Timmy coming in to save the season.

We have been closer to the bottom but honestly the football this season has been perhaps the worst I have seen. The whole thing has been a shitshow. The 90’s where hard but we did play some great football at times even if the defensive was a joke. This regression has been pretty brutal.

- Covid and no fans in the stadium (maybe for the better).
- Jose the Dinosaur and the total lack of coaching to the point we have regressed into a pub team with a few superstars.
- the ESL and the whole farce.
- Either Chav or City winning the CL and United probably winning the EL. While Hammers and Arse will probably finish above us.
- Kane giving up, maybe he will stay but only because no-one will pay the 150-200m it will cost to prise him away.
- Levy taking the piss. Fans in the gods being charged £60 a ticket.
- crap VAR still around and not improving.
- regression from a top 4/6 team to this.
- players looking like they have given up.
- losing to Zagreb 3-0

At a minimum we have gone back to the AVB collapse with a terrible manager going and a disillusioned squad. My hope is the failures spur the club on to action like they got Poch and got rid of the deadwood. But this has been one almighty shit season and for me the worst I can remember because of all the different things that have gone on at the same time.
I voted no before reading the introductory post. Then switched to yes.

Fucking hell its been a horrendous 6 months. Hard to believe 6 months ago we were in the thick of the title hunt....then Jose tried to be Billy Big Bollocks, like a few on this forum implored him to, and refused to rotate the squad in December. From that moment forward its just been one giant clusterfuck.

At least I was right.
Depends on your definition of "modern history" if you say last fifty years then not even close ... 1976/77 clearly massively worse .... as were most of the 90's and early 00's from 1991 to 2004 we failed to finish higher than 7th ....

If you say the last decade then arguably yes, even then a cup final makes it not a total disaster, the issue of course is expectation versus reality .... we all expected better so we are all disappointed, but if you look at it purely by numbers it was just an average season. Of course football is more than just the numbers ... empty ground, nightmare manager, terrible performances when it mattered ... on that basis it was a shocker, lose tomorrow and finish below Woolwich will sum it all up very nicely ... a year to forget.
Yes, but during COVID with no fans in the stadium for basically a year and a half? Makes me feel like it’s almost surreal or somehow just doesn’t count.

now let’s see if we’re this bad next season when things will hopefully be more normal, but while this was bad, everything is so off this last year it seems to not matter as much.


In Toni we Trust
Add in the fact that in amongst the gloom have been spikes of really good stuff where you think "excellent we're getting our act together" and then follow it up with another shitshow.
Every week this year the main crumbs of hope seem to come BEFORE we play. Teams around us lose or draw and I think 'Right! This is our chance!' And then we play OUR game and foul it all up.
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