Is this the worst season of modern times?

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Is this the worst season of modern times (1990’s onwards)

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Memories fade over time. I can kind of remember Campbell leaving for Woolwich, Santini managing the club for a very short period, Hoddle not being the saviour we hoped. More recently the shit football and meltdown under AVB with Timmy coming in to save the season.

We have been closer to the bottom but honestly the football this season has been perhaps the worst I have seen. The whole thing has been a shitshow. The 90’s where hard but we did play some great football at times even if the defensive was a joke. This regression has been pretty brutal.

- Covid and no fans in the stadium (maybe for the better).
- Jose the Dinosaur and the total lack of coaching to the point we have regressed into a pub team with a few superstars.
- the ESL and the whole farce.
- Either Chav or City winning the CL and United probably winning the EL. While Hammers and Arse will probably finish above us.
- Kane giving up, maybe he will stay but only because no-one will pay the 150-200m it will cost to prise him away.
- Levy taking the piss. Fans in the gods being charged £60 a ticket.
- crap VAR still around and not improving.
- regression from a top 4/6 team to this.
- players looking like they have given up.
- losing to Zagreb 3-0

At a minimum we have gone back to the AVB collapse with a terrible manager going and a disillusioned squad. My hope is the failures spur the club on to action like they got Poch and got rid of the deadwood. But this has been one almighty shit season and for me the worst I can remember because of all the different things that have gone on at the same time.

I guess to finish off the season United lost the EL but Chavs won the Champions League while we stayed above Arse but lost out to West Ham in the league table. Yeh fucking shit.
Having a bit of time to look back on the season, overall, I don't think it was terrible. We certainly had terrible moments. Being dumped out of the cups sucks but expected at this point. And it was always difficult to see us winning the league back in August.

I think it was just so bad this year because Tottenham are one of the few things that I really look forward to in general and with the pandemic already draining enough out of me, the fact that I hated to watch the way we played under Jose but kept doing it just eventually took its toll on me, and probably alot of others. That on top of the fact that we were given that strange bit of hope at the beginning of the season and then it crumbled didn't help.
It’s been a shitshow for sure but we have had a few highs along the way even if we have not got any silverware. I am talking of course about the brilliant football under Poch when we were chasing Leicester and getting to the Champions league final against all odds beating City and Ajax. Ok so not great outcomes in the end but not a shitshow. Mourinho failed this year as anyone should have predicted given his failure at ManU. But not before we had a little spell at the top courtesy of the Kane and Son show. The thing is it is difficult now days to reach the top because of the presidents being set by the moneycunts at Chelscum and City. We will never be able to compete with that sort of purchasing power while Enic are at the helm. So do we all think the solution for our club is to be taken over by a slimy Arab oil billionaire or a crooked Russian oligarch? I’m not so keen. I would prefer us to get a good manager and then overachieve like Leicester.
Exactly. The near League wins in our golden Poch era bloody well hurt at the time but there was a real sense of "well, we're at this level now. we'll keep cracking on until we knock the bastard off"
but now, I look back on those couple of seasons and feel sick. We had the best team in England, great energy, positivity abounds... and it has all absolutely crumbled to the ground.

I think it will haunt me for a long long time the fact we didn't win anything then.
The good news is that with those couple of seasons of "moderate success"and the champions League final, spurs will have picked up many new fans around the world who believed they were on to a winner. We won't have to suffer alone
Lol you can't include the 1990s in the subject and then ask if this is the worst season. Honestly, some of the stuff back then was waaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnk.
I guess to me modern times is probably since I started supporting Spurs. That's about 30 odd years.

We've had much worse seasons. I do try to be positive as much as possible but this season is the first in a long time where I've become pretty disinterested the longer the season has went on.

I freely admit that I didn't make plans to watch the last few games, and only caught them if I was quite literally, doing nothing else. Just a complete disconnect.

I am glad we managed to squeeze into Europe, even if it appears to be the consolation prize. We didn't deserve Europe, not on your nelly, but I'll take it.

That we still finished above Woolwich is the only other slight plus from a season that promised so much. I still can't get my head around the fact that the same side who ripped many teams apart in the early days of the season was the same one who limped over the line in the end.

The amount of times we quite obviously threw away points over the season did my head in too. The football wasn't always great but in those games I think the fan base as a whole night have been more willing to accept that crap brand if we had held onto a lead a bit more often, I'm thinking West Ham, Wolves, Palace etc, amongst a few others. The different shine that those 'wins' may have put on our season cannot be underestimated.

Anyway, thank fuck it is over.


Absolutely terrible. Chelsea winning yesterday topped it off. Let’s hope things start to get better from today.

I hate Chelski fans and how the club has managed to buy its success, but we got to remember and remind them (when having the misfortune of having to interact with a gobby one) that Woolwich are our rivals, not them. Fulham or Millwall is their historical level.
The question posed by the OP can only be answered by analysing the perceived outlook of the individual and will no doubt be influenced by the era when they were first introduced to the Tottenham drug.

Its even more difficult to discern at a time when we have all become armchair fans and experience the sense of detachment that goes with this inability to attend games in person.

We've all become telly addicts hooked on watching a second rate soap opera.....we know it isn't good for us but can't resist the temptation to tune in.
I hate Chelski fans and how the club has managed to buy its success, but we got to remember and remind them (when having the misfortune of having to interact with a gobby one) that Woolwich are our rivals, not them. Fulham or Millwall is their historical level.
Stop chat shit now the past is gone the last ten years they have been one of our main rivals along with woolwich Manu Man city liverpool and others this living in the past shit annoys the fuck out of me.


🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦
For me this is the worst season since the 2003/4 David Pleat caretaker season.

That 4-3 FA Cup defeat to Man City literally broke me at the time.
Me too

but I wasn’t there fortunately!

I was at a league cub tie there in 95/96 when we were two up strolling it and conceded a dodgy penalty, sulked and went out 3-2
Disgraceful performance!



Freedom from Samsara
It’s been like being George Foreman in the Rumble In The Jungle… pounded opponents early, gassed out and sussed, chinned.


Freedom from Samsara
We became the only team I ever remember to turn 1-0 up into an emotional crisis and equiovolent to 1-0 down most games.
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