Is Top 4 Gone Now And What Would Be The Ramifications?

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Is Top 4 Gone?

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I think the top four chance has gone.
We needed Jose to come in and transform the team ethos and results immediately to get us on a winning run, the manure game was exactly what we were seeing under Poch so it's not going to be a miracle turnaround I'm afraid.
To be fair we won 2 games that I wouldn't have been confident of winning under Poch. United was a let down, but was always going to be tough.
Not with this squad, no. I don’t see how we can turn this around magically and make our problems go away instantly. Shouldn’t have to name these players, they need to gtfo immediately. When we have a proper team that Jose wants, then I’ll rate him on his performance to top4.
Just been listening to a podcast and one lad made a very interesting observation: he said we've become so used to losing that it doesn't sting like I once would. It's more a glum resignation than a sense of fury and that's what needs turning around.

Maybe until it does we won't quite make it this season. I've voted yes but deep down I'm not convinced it's lost just yet.


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Obviously it's not gone. Chelsea have shown signs of inconsistence, and we don't know how Leicester will react after 1 or 2 bad results. We've also played United away, City away, Liverpool away, Woolwich away and Leicester away. It's going to be hard, but not impossible, not even remotely close.


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To get top 4 from this point I would say we can't afford to lose more than 3 games and with how bad we are leaking goals it's unrealistic to think that's possible.

So yeah, top 4 was gone after that United game imo.
With less of the season gone and a lot of other teams struggling for consistency it's hard to say. One of my United mates was upset that they won, as they felt the sooner they get rid of OGS, the sooner they can get out of their funk.

Had this come before United away we'd have still been a bit more optimistic but there are a lot of issues to fix. Defensively we aren't right and we desperately need a better midfield than what we put out on Wednesday. We all pinpoint moments that affected our decline, one of the major ones for me was the moment we realised Dembele had just got a bit too old for Poch's regime and we've been fudging that midfield since, on the most recent Fighting Cock the question came up, 'if you could have one player from another team, who would it be?', the consensus was Kante, absolutely agree we need a controlling influence in midfield.

After the Manchester United game I said that I love Sissoko but if we're picking him as a first 11 player as a CDM every match then something is a bit wrong. He has great energy and I know he will always work hard for us but he's not a long term answer to our woes.

There are 2 ways I see this going, we take the hit and go mid table, then start next season without the Europa and properly rebuild or we seriously go for top 4 and get on a run. Jose has tried to fix some of our deficiencies and strangely though Wednesday was rubbish, had we avoided the individual errors we could have (very undeservedly) nicked something.

Too early to see how things will go but we need to look at some new players come next transfer window.
Don’t think we should rule top 4 out just yet. We generally do very well over the Xmas period. Let’s see where we stand after that....


It's still possible but I'm not fussed if we don't make it, I don't think there will be any ramifications. Levy was tight with money before we went in to the CL and he's been tight with cash during our CL run and he'll carry on being tight if we don't qualify. The ramifications will come next season if we don't qualify, Mourinho will be sacked and our best players will want to move on.
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To be fair we won 2 games that I wouldn't have been confident of winning under Poch. United was a let down, but was always going to be tough.

If we had played well and been a bit unlucky to lose then fair enough, but it was the manner of defeat rather than the result that was so disappointing.
If we will not get into the top 4 this year nothing major will happen IMO . It would be very sad not having CL nights for a year, though, I love them

Next season , different story: if we will not win at least one major trophy in terms of money earning and exposure (Premiership or CL) (*) , we will see what I was always expecting to see one day: at least two between Kane, Son and Alli leaving.
That wouldn't be a major problem in the long term, because I think it will be with the next generation of players that we will definitely establish ourselves into the top clubs in the world. We would sell our top players and build up the next step

If we will win the PL or the CL next year, we will get to the top stage already

(*) it's sad not to see the FA Cup among such trophies. I love the FA Cup and to me it;s the most fascinating football competition in the world, hardly changes anything of a club status. Still it sould be fantastic to win it
In terms of likelihood of getting into the top 4 this year, it doesn't depend on us anymore. We can do it , but we need to rely on other clubs failure as well


If we had played well and been a bit unlucky to lose then fair enough, but it was the manner of defeat rather than the result that was so disappointing.
If you look at United's results vs teams in the top 6 currently or the traditional top 6 they have done well. Drew with Liverpool, beat Chelsea twice, beat Leicester and drew with Woolwich.

Yes we should have performed better, but I'm confident we will improve.


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Yes I’m confident of a Top 4 place
I think José will know what his best team will be by the end of January which will coincide with a good FA Cup run to at least the Final and a CL run to at least the semis

Very optimistic and quietly confident that he’ll get it right

We might make a couple of signings in January and Coco will return

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No. We're nine points off Chelsea and we've got to play them twice. If we lose them both or maybe even lose one of them then yes it's (probably) over.
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