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mine's just arrived...


The Fighting Cock
Ordered min 2-3 weeks ago aswell. I'm not complaining or anything. Got no problem with waiting for something good. Would however appreciate if someone could tell me whether my order got through or not. Love the podcast, keep up the good work with 1882 and all.



Yours was posted at the end of last week, should be there soon.


The Fighting Cock
DM me with anything you want to send to maria and I'll put it in the package.

If you preorder the fanzine I'll forward you the address for your own package


I'm very rarely proud of myself
In all seriousness, Flav has had to work his balls off to get these out so please try to be patient.
It's putting stuff in envelopes. Hardly splitting the fucking atom. The bone idle twat.

Please don't wipe your balls on my copy Flav Flav , I'm just being cunty for comic effect.

Seriously though, hurry the fuck up.


Jackdaw or magpie. One of the two.
Got mine today, and it looks great. Not read it yet though.
Anyway, knowing they were all posted by Flav, I thougt I'd better give it the once over with a UV lamp before touching it:
It was clean. :klinsmann:
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