Issue #1

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The envelope smelled of Flav

My missus simply cocked an eyebrow at me when she saw it. Yidette.
Great podcast again, and the titles keep getting better too - although "Buncle" still a very hard one to beat.
One small quibble, Flav - u r wrong about Paulinho - wait and see.

TFC gotta help sort your cash flow problem so you can get a ticket for West Ham, and more in 2014.

It's time to shift all the remaining copies of Issue 1 outside WHL at the Man Ure and Mickey Mousers home games in December, and well in advance of the publication of Issue 2.
Get hold of a "Tottenham Hotspur Matchday Trading Temporary Licence" directly from Haringey Council which costs £45 for six months or less. Loads of good spots to set up on and loads of Yids will help out too.


The Fighting Cock
Email us your address mate, we'll send another out. All orders have been processed so it's probably go lost in the post
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