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Last day of mail for a couple days here in Canada and what shows up? Issues 1-3 and 4 Stickers! Early Christmas present. Gotta work nights starting tomorrow night so I'll get some fine reading in.
Thanks a lot lovetheshirt lovetheshirt for getting these out in time!! Cheers and Merry Christmas!!!

Anthony Beale

Fool what you want, your life or your jewels?
Brilliant. Thanks just finished reading - quality, every article.

Especially enjoyed Bardi Bardi piece on Gazza and was reminded about the time he was interviewed at Wembley by Norwegian TV, they asked him if he had a message for his upcoming opponents and he said in typical Gazza style, "Yes, Fuck Off Norway."

Just found some more pearls here:-
That was just his accent. that was part of a longer interview where he said.

"Yes. fuck off? No way. One would never be so terribly rude. Having conversed with several of my compatriots we are all in agreement that we shall go out and have a ruddy good go. But such is the nature of sport one is at a loss as to predict just how the evenings events shall unfold and one is positively brimming with anticipation for proceedings to commence. Tally ho boys"

But unfortunately, everyone thought it was bad for Gazza's lad image, so they just cut it, to make it sound like he said "fuck off norway"
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