Jan Vertonghen

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Was extremely sad to see Vert's face after being subbed. Doesn't deserve to have his fantastic service sullied by poor performances due to age / new systems / legs gone. Hope he can keep some dignity for the rest of the season and get a move to his favoured club in the summer. Has been probably our second best CB after King in the last decade or longer.
Sat next to him on a flight from Stansted to Amsterdam, a few years back.

With it being mine and the wife's first trip to Amsterdam, and not being too sure where to go, he showed us through Schipol airport and directed us to the correct platform and train. It's only after this revelation with Eriksen that I realised he was probably eyeing up my missus!

All jokes aside, he was a true gent and was happy to sign a birthday card for my old man and have photos taken etc with me and my missus.

The guy has been a great servant to our club and has been instrumental in our relative success over the last 8 years or so.

The legend badge is banded around too much but for me, this guy will go down as one and will forever be Spurs.


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Thanks for everything Jan. Been our best player at times during your time with us.

Father time has caught up with you my friend. I hope that after your contract is up that we find a role for you at the club, because you're one of the most respected guys here.


Home again.
So let me get this straight.
Minimal mention for Spurs with regards to being in the top 4 in the last couple of weeks, all others mentioned, Utd are the ones on fire and challenging for the title.

But now Vertonghen is out for a few weeks, Sky Sports spoken headline is "Spurs Title Hopes dashed".

You gotta laugh.


Up The Spurs!
Jan should be Club Captain IMHO. He was the only one fighting in that second half. He’s a leader on the pitch and that’s what we need.
So when does he sign a new contract (contract until 2019)?? I think he's got at least 2 good seasons in him.

Give him a contract until 2020 and let him help develop Davinson & Juan in his twilight years with us. If any outfield player over 30 deserves a secure contract after sticking with us when he could have kicked off during the AVB or Sherwood spells it's him.

As far as I'm concerned Jan & Hugo were the start of this era of growth and both deserve to play as big a part in it as their bodies allow them to
Jan for me is the first legend in the current squad. He joined in 2012 under AVB, the suffered Sherwood, and this was when we were struggling and failing to finish 5th. He was the first player with the caliber enough to represent a massive upgrade for us while also being good enough to join a "bigger" club, and who could have blamed him had he done so after a couple of years? But instead he stayed and gave us his best years and I really really hope we win something before he retires because he has massively earned it.
I will always remember that he chose us ahead of that lot down the road and he has had some great games for us. If he goes then I too will be gutted.
This is it, man. He committed 100%, I remember how much of a rolls royce defender he looked in his debut vs West Brom. The away goal at Man Utd, the countless NLDs, that amazing assist to Bale at Swansea away, those huge fuck off performances against Dortmund. Even aside from the great moments, I've always thought he's been there and never backed down even when things went a bit tits up. He is a Spurs legend in my eyes
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