Jan Vertonghen

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Perfect footballer. Never had any funny business when contract signing times arrive. Cant imagine him kissing the badge or making heart signs, but you can bet your house he will turn up every season. Glad he's individually getting the love (in a team with lots to love).
He basically showed us how important a good wing back is to our system.

Yes and I still think for the future Sessegnon has the potential to be an excellent left wing back in a 3 at the back system. The kid is young and raw but there is huge potential there, and he can play a couple of positions

The wing backs have to have top quality delivery from wide positions and also the ability to score some goals

By the way, fantastic vision and cross from Aurier for the goal. Not much has been said about him but again shows the importance of having this wing back creativity
And he offers greater height than Rose and is more assured than Davies.

Surely he has posed a question to Pochettino for the rest of the season at least.

Will be interesting.

Great option.

He has not only posed a question to Poch as to playing Jan on the left, but also given more credit to a notion of perhaps tweaking a 3 at the back formation against teams packing in. Pushing Rose/Davies way up the pitch, or even playing Lamela or Son as default LWB but allowing that player to drift (even more) infield when we press for periods, and having Jan push up on the left. Not necessarily as a standard but at times during matches to give opponents one more different look of us coming at them to worry about.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
To be fair, he is our current fans player of the season. About time the media joined in.
Yep, media still on the Toby train. I know it's an overused word but it's really "lazy" of the media to keep trotting out Toby world-class this or that without even a mention of Vertonghen (absolutely not saying Toby isn't, just that over the last 2 seasons Vertonghen has been the better player of the two).
He did more for us in one game than Ozil has in 3 odd years down the road and he’s supposed to be a winger......what’s he getting paid a week again?
Fucking loved lamela getting involved with super Jan's celebrations too. Proper spurs is the kid. Can't fight that. No wonder pochettino loves him.

Best Jan performance I can remember. Even better than the game when he made that laser pass to Bale when we beat Swansea away.
I was just listening to the Guardian podcast and they mentioned that Jan scored 8 goals and 10 goals in his last two seasons at Ajax. Not bad.
Yeah, heard that too....also heard Barry Glendenning say that our team is about to be dismantled and Pochettino will be gone come the end of the season...
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