Jan Vertonghen

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I need a hero.
Fucking cunts. Hope they all get mega-AIDS and die a slow agonising death. Picking a house that they knew was defenceless, with a woman and young children inside it.

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
There's some horrible people out there, and I wish nothing but bad things on them. To traumatise young kids is unforgivable, and hope they get caught before they get a chance to do it again.
I think when they restart the season the matches will be scheduled so close together that we will need our whole squad. The contract deadline will be extended. Now whether fans will be let in to watch is another matter and we may only see him on TV.

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Yep, the new normal bad hair all round.
The new World Order where hairdressers are amongst the most precious commodities.

The Bible will be getting rewritten as we speak with the wise men bringing baby Jesus, Gold, Frankincense and a "Hair Design Artist" called Tracey with a fake tan that could be seen shining brighter than the star in the East.
Love him. Unfortunately time waits for no man, but what I would give to be able to go back a few years, when he and Toby were the best centre back pairing in the whole of Europe.
Sadly too many fans are stuck in time thinking the "Good old days" are still continuing today with the likes of Hugo, Jan, Toby, Dier and Dele and of course Jose.

Rather than look to a bright future, we're still longingly wishing for what was ultimately, an unsuccessful past.

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