Jan Vertonghen

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Bringing the mullet back to N17
I love Toby and Jan, argued with plenty of Liverpool-supporting friends when they signed VVD that he's no better than Toby or Jan. I think it's pretty obvious that he is better - the guy has barely been dribbled past in two years. Playing next to Gomez or Matip, who aren't as good as Toby or Jan.
He has a decent DM in front and - in fairness - Sissoko nearly got past him...he’s made to look better by being in a stronger team. Look what happens when players get at City’s defence? Same will happen next year with ‘Pool (I hope).

Toby and Jan were made to look better because they had Big Vic and Dembele in front, too.
As much as the above shit-show of a conversation re Jan and VVD would be lovely to read ad nauseam, thought I’d interject.

Fucking loved Jan... aside from when he leant up against the tunnel at Anfield prior to taking the pitch (but in honesty, we are probably felt like that at that time). He was/is a pure class defender. Beautiful to watch how he played. There was something of “stoic cunt” about him too, which made him ooze more style. It made me more ecstatic when he would let himself go in celebration etc. The champions league game against Dortmund when he played left back and was, hands down, the best player on the pitch (in my eyes) was particularly wonderful... even more so now, in retrospect. That was probably his swan song. People had semi canned him at that point saying he had lost his legs etc...and he came out and had A-class sex all over the pitch. Volley goal. Peach crosses. Just lovely. I’ll always regard him as one of my faves.

His bromance with Dembele was also very warming to behold from a virtual distance. Long live Super Jan.
How dare I big up Jan
I'm absolutely heartbroken that I'll have to buy one of these with Vertonghen on the back...

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