Jan Vertonghen

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I'm so glad he's not getting slaughtered in here. During the commentary of the game yesterday all they kept saying was how great Traore was playing what tends to follow is fans copy what is said in comms and dig out the player. Well, thankfully that didn't happen.

Traore is a lighting fast player but has little to no end product. His end product is improving (his goal yesterday was a testament to this) but still on the whole whilst getting in behind he did absolutely fuck all. When he turned inside (twice I think), he did absolutely fuck all with 2 weak shots more akin to pass-backs to Gazza.

Jan applied enough pressure on him all game to ensure his crosses went nowhere so we could defend them time and time again, I think not a single cross from him found his intended target. This is called good defending, good from Jan and well backed-up by the rest of our defenders who dealt with everything in the air. We were expecting this and had a plan for this which was well executed.

Also, notice how Traore was absolutely spent after 70mins, blowing out of his arse, was Jan, was he fuck. Great header and left unmarked by Traore!!

What does amaze me is that Nuno (who I highly rate) isn't getting called out for this inept tactic. To me it was clear after mid-way through the first half we had this under wraps as best as we could. They lack height, whereas we had plenty, just seemed odd to persevere with lobbing in poor cross after poor cross to small attackers against big defenders all expecting it.

I saw their biggest threat was actually down their left (our right), where between Aurier, Sissoko we couldn't live with their movement, speed of thought and technical ability Jota, Jonny, Moutinho & Jimenez all interchanging and popping it around us for fun. (However, what I would say is despite some poor positional play, mainly caused by Sissoko which led to Aurier and Sanchez getting pulled out of shape many times, ALL of them defended heroically, typified by Sanchez poor control off his chest, which was preceded by a woeful pass from Sissoko. When Sanchez miss controlled, he, Auier and Sissoko all busted a gut to get back goalside and it was Sanchez that blocked the shot).

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Mrs Perryman

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I never understood the sentimentality when players leave. They are all high paid mercenaries BUT the ones that really make a statement; Gareth Bale , Modric . Yes but fuck me if Verthongen . Get over it and fast. It is embarrassing, Clynelish Clynelish
You're entitled to your opinion, but think you're just being confrontational to get a reaction/start a row by making this post. Why would anyone be embarrassed by being upset that one of our loyal players has come to the end of his time with us, unlike Modric and Bale who buggered off as soon as Madrid came sniffing round.
And there was never any evidence that he did play away, it was just a internet rumour that became a bit of a joke. Eriksen wanted out, and hardly put a performance for us last season.
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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Putting this here as don't know where else to put it.
Been a bit behind with reading and posting as in Malta meeting my newly born great-nephew. When he cries, I sing the Jan/Toby song to him and he seems to really like it. He also likes the Poch is magic one, but not keen on Dele's.
Poor kid. Only 5 days old and he's already been indoctrinated. His first words are going to be Yid Army :)

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I'll be gutted when he goes, but it's the right time for him to move on. Glad he's not going to another English club, wish him nothing but the best for the future.
Would love to see him back in a coaching capacity in the future.
That's really sad to hear but good on him for speaking up. There was obviously something not right with him last season because his performances were so strange.

I can't help but feel he is taking a big risk to his future health by continuing his career, however. A head injury that takes 9 months to clear up sounds like something that should have pushed him towards retirement. I pray that he doesn't end up with early onset dementia or any of the other illnesses associated with this type of injury.

Anthony Beale

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i know what Vertonghen did was on the fence morally, (although watching the game back today, those two had a massive battle going on throughout the game. Last night in the crowd it was hard to tell it was the same two over and over) i must admit i fucking love that whole incident. Jan doing his bit for the team, Dawson swinging round in "DID YOU JUST NUT MY MATE" way, Soldado's almost schoolboy "OMG SIR, HES JUST FLOORED JAN, SEND HIM TO THE HEAD"
Then in the little fight after, Sandro gives the "you better fuck off now before i do you in son"
then Naughton pulling him away "Leave it out mate, its not worth it its not worth it"
Fryers trying to look involved so he doesn't seem to be bottling it, in a sort of 'small kid hiding behind the big kids' kinda way (even when Ade is holding him back he looks too scared to go anywhere near him)
and then Ade comes along and bear hugs the motherfucker and starts counselling him, gently whispering into his ear "its ok, calm down. you don't need to do this. you're better than this. violence won't solve anything."

But most of all, every single man in white there showed some fucking passion. It was glorious. first time I've seen them look like a team in a long time. Id much rather see that at the beginning of the game, than a stupid, forced, fake huddle.


"Legacy Fan"
Feel this team Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls. There is a connection and it is coming from our leaders on the pitch! I know you're reading this thread Jan. Feel the love bro!

The Swellhead Spur

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Vertonghen a world-class defender - Poch

Jan Vertonghen has stopped sulking and improved his mentality to become one of the best centre-backs in Europe, according to Mauricio Pochettino.

The Tottenham manager said Vertonghen's "mental aspect," particularly his body language, has changed since they started working together in 2014 and he described the 30-year-old as the club's most-consistent defender.

Vertonghen is one of just 14 players to have played every minute in the Premier League this season and his form alongside Davinson Sanchez has helped to mask the absence of Toby Alderweireld, who was injured for more than three months from November.

After a fine maiden season in England, Vertonghen struggled under coaches Andre Villas-Boas and Tim Sherwood in 2013-14 and footage of him lounging against the wall of the tunnel ahead of a 4-0 defeat at Liverpool epitomised Tottenham's apathy pre-Pochettino.

"He has improved in an aspect that was so important for him -- the mental aspect," Pochettino said. "Now he is a complete centre-back. We have worked a lot together to reach the level that he is at today.

"I remember his body language when I watched the game against Liverpool when [Luis] Suarez scored, the season before we came.

"He was slouched in the tunnel," said Pochettino, who stood up to imitate Vertonghen's relaxed stance.

"When I came, I told him: 'Why are you like that? You are here for a battle! You cannot show this body language -- you are a warrior!' It is difficult after showing this energy to go out and take part in a battle and fight.

"We worked a lot on this aspect and, yes, it is true that we clash a lot in training because he is clever and always has an argument and a reason why, but in the end I appreciate a lot his efforts in giving the team what we expect from him.

"It is good to praise him because he is a very good player who sometimes does not get valued enough.

"I am so proud that he has achieved this level today. Not only on the pitch but off the pitch. In my opinion he's one of the best centre-backs in the Premier League and in Europe."

Pochettino added that Vertonghen is fit enough to play for another decade until he is 40 and suggested the club will offer him a new deal before his current contract expires in summer 2019.

"He has unbelievably quality, physical condition, technique," Pochettino added. "He is so strong, he looks like a 20-year-old because when he runs he is fast, he is like my new dog -- a Rhodesian Ridgeback!

"It is easy for him to run. Physicality is his talent. It is genetic, it is his natural condition. He is an athlete. It is up to him but he could play until he is 40.

"The club believe that he needs to be rewarded. He's one of the players that deserves [a new contract]."

A source has told ESPN FC that Alderweireld's Tottenham future is in the balance after contract talks with the club broke down last month and the defender could be sold this summer.

Alderweireld's current deal worth £50,000-a-week expires in 2019 and he would like a long-term contract worth closer to £150,000-per-week, which Spurs are not willing to offer a player who turns 29 next month. Pochettino, though, insisted that Alderweireld is "still in our plans."

However, in comments that suggest Spurs are preparing for life without Alderweireld, Pochettino hailed Vertonghen's influence on summer signing Sanchez, 21, and claimed youngster Juan Foyth could become one of Europe's best centre-backs.

"We need to think of Juan Foyth too, he is 20 now and a great talent too. He only needs time to adapt himself to the Premier League. He is going to surprise many people. Juan is a great kid with a lot of quality to become one of the fantastic centre-backs in the Premier League and Europe too."


All of the above is very true, Foyth looks brilliant albeit in Cup games but I would love to see Super Jan holding a trophy above his head, has been threw alot
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