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Formerly Reptile_16
Grey Fox chimed in with....

[itk="8th January 2013, in, Grey fox, Various, itk, 4, rumour"]
I wasn't going to post due to some posters on here comments re ITK, but thought why worry about a few knobheads if the majority are still interested?

So here goes; my source has confirmed most of what Journalist and a couple of people are guessing/saying on here.

Levy is still trying to give AVB Moutinho, but the ball is the players court, if this does not happen then Holtby will come in January deadlines been set for a decision so Shalke can react. We are also talking to Inter re Damiao and a bid has gone in,

Llorente deal not dead yet. AVB very pissed with Adebayor for f-ing about for the second time in six months so don't be suprised if he is gone in the summer

Livermore and Hudd will almost certainly go out one on loan one sold, lots of interest on both, don't know which one will do what, think it depends on bids.

Up to Gallas if he goes to QPR, if he does and Kaboul's condition does not improve quickly we could be in for Alderweireld 6 months early. made an enquiry about Zara, but thats about it.

A number of those on the fringe and returning will be sent back out on loan again, once dust settles a bit. Intrestingly been told that the key business should be done by third week of January if it is going to happen.[/itk]


Formerly Reptile_16
Bit of a Zaha load-up....

[itk="8th January 2013, in, The Goat, Zaha, itk, 6, rumour"]The Goat hears that Zaha is going to a London club and that Woolwich's interest is dependent on whether or not they can get Walcott to sign a new contract. Contrary to reports, we are in for him.[/itk]

[itk="11th January 2013, in, POTL, Zaha, itk, 4, rumour"]Number of clubs in for him- Us, Woolwich, Utd, City and Liverpool. As expected.

Utd are looking the favourites at the moment, looking to buy and loan back to Palace till the end of the season- will keep you updated.

Just a post as have been asked if he is coming to the lane.



Formerly Reptile_16

[itk="9th January 2013, in, HertYid, Leandro, itk, 5, rumour"]Personal terms are agreed but the transfer is complicated. There is dual ownership and image rights are third party. He has a release clause which is exorbitant - Inter are willing to let him go for less but Luigi still wants close to 30m euros all in, which I don't think we will pay. [/itk]

[itk="9th January 2013, in, HertYid, Leandro, itk, 5, rumour"]Things looking more positive on this apparently. Don't know details.[/itk]

[itk="11th January 2013, in, Storts, Leandro, itk, 6, rumour"]Came in this thread to say the same thing hertyid did, I don't want to get hopes up but this really could be the window he joins...[/itk]

Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my arse....

Then...a song....FFS

[itk="12th January 2013, in, HertYid, Leandro, itk, 5, rumour"]i told you once, i told you twice
and now my shoulders cold, like a block of ice
you playin games like you rollin dice
hey what you know about sacrifice?
baby ive been in the middle..
ive been givin you more than a little
had the ball then you double dribble
i guess that love is a riddle..
you never listen i dont ever get my point across
i washed ya dirty draws, you out with dirty broads
you did me dirty dawg, cos yous a dirty dog,
its a curtain call, and i aint mad at all
i gave you more than you deserve, i was worth it all
bottom line i hope you find what your searchin for
Meet in the Middle- Timbaland


Formerly Reptile_16
Will.i.am next....

[itk="14th January 2013, in, Jasper, Willian, itk, 7, rumour"]Fingers crossed folks if you get my meaning ;-) No hints or no more disclosing[/itk]

[itk="15th January 2013, in, Jasper, Willian, itk, 7, rumour"]William's preferred choice is categorically US! In DL's hands[/itk]
So, the "no more" part, wind-up?


Formerly Reptile_16
Lots on Alex Pritchard today.....

[itk="15th January 2013, out, The Goat, Alex Pritchard, itk, 7, rumour"]The Goat has heard that although there's been interest in Alex Pritchard from Arse and Watford recently he's sticking with us for the time being.[/itk]

[itk="15th January 2013, out, DazzaHerring, Alex Pritchard, itk, 5, rumour"]Im not sure what the Goat has heard but i know Liverpool are very Keen on signing Pritchard this summer.
They have watched him several imes now and Inglethorpe has privdied all the info the club needs on him.
I would be gutted to lose a player who is so highly thought of at the club. [/itk]

[itk="15th January 2013, out, Jasper, Alex Pritchard, itk, 7, rumour"]In response to questions about a new contract for him

Our chances are very slim, depends on talks with AVB and board...[/itk]


Formerly Reptile_16
Finally, a snippet on Moutinho...

[itk="12th January 2013, in, Gards44, Moutinho, itk, 5, twitter"]

*Posted on the day of the QPR game, this refers to Sandro's injury.[/itk]
[itk="16th January 2013, in, NewMate, Lots of Players, itk, 6, rumour"]

WS is seen as a back up plan.

Mouts is completely down to him.
Villa also isn't ruled out.
We will have one of three strikers....

Keane WON'T play, but you know he wanted/wants too.

Other names being looked at.... Hold on.... Kenwyne Jones... I shit you not.

Walnut was due to sign contract tonight. BUT AFC matched Utd's offer only.

Butland has been sounded out, but wants number one spot.

There is NO truth in DL keeping money for the stadium. It just isn't so.
Holtby could be now, but we're not paying for him when he's free in the summer
Oh and LD is dead. Totally dead. The kid doesn't want to move.
And DL just isn't paying £20m for Willan when he was 12m

I think we'll see movement sooner rather than later, but striker, yeah can sense a deadline day move.[/itk]
[itk="17th January 2012, in, New Mate, Various, itk, 6, rumour"]DL is booked on a plane for tomorrow to Europe.

In all honesty I think (note that this is opinion NOT ITK - Sibs) it goes first choice - Moutinho, if not we'll try and get Holtby in now.

For strikers first choice is still Llorente, if not Jones. However, if we get Zaha then we we wont get a striker, but then Utd will go for Walnut. All hinges on these two. Beast getting hurt has now put the pressure
[itk="16th January 2012, in, Jasper, Holtby, itk, 7, rumour"] No doubt Holtby will soon be resolved once and for all and another, now his hands(levy) been forced some re-jigging needs to be done, and expected two signings, but see need for a striker urgently for reasons some know so lets see how he deals with his one. AVB will 'say the right things' does not mean that is what he believes[/itk]
Heard a few things today... most of it already out in the open but...

[itk="17th January 2012, in, The Cobra, Callejon Sneidjer Jones Holtby Moutinho, itk, 6, rumour"] Sneijder still a backup plan! Levy will wait til last minute on him! I know we asked inter if we could take Sneijder on loan! They told us to fack off!!!!

There is genuine interest in Jones! He is 1 of 3 strikers being looked at!

Stance on Mouts hasn't changed but looking unlikley now!
DL has sounded out Real Madrid over a few players on loan... one of them being Callejon!

As everyone has said, Holtby is possible in this window. His reps have been over here and I'm told if the figures work out then it will happen. [/itk]
[itk="17th January 2013, in, Archibald, Holtby, itk, 7, rumour"]

Holtby - 2m Euros currently always been keen, now even keener but down to cost also as another £1.5m in wages to be paid

Remy - Not a player that we were interested in anymore - as Jasper said, injury record and form.. Lets see if he instantly performs in the EPL
We want 2 types of players. Players that will instantly come in and be a hit (VDV, Dembele, Vertonghen etc) and players with huge potential to mould and create a higher value (modric, Lennon, holtby etc)[/itk]
[itk="17th January 2013, in, South Kent Yid from SC, Zaha Bentley, itk, 7, rumour"]Just heard from someone connected with palace we are definitely in the hat for Zaha . They gave been asked to keep us informed on any devolopments possibly Bentley going there as part of the deal.

More info we've offered 8m plus Bentley - zaha is aware of our interest[/itk]
[itk="17th January 2013, in, Phantom of the Lane, Jones, itk, 7, rumour"]I do like the Kenwynne Jones link, did make me chuckle.[/itk]
[itk="17th January 2013, out, JJetset, Sandro, itk, 9, rumour"]Spoke with Sandro and his season is finished. We may bring the Holtby deal forward.[/itk]
Further to this mornings info... [itk="17th January 2013, in, NewMate, Jones, itk, 8, rumour"]Supposedly looked at as an option he was sounded out internally. It's a no now.[/itk]
[itk="17th January 2013, Ryan Tegan, in, Unknown, itk, 8, rumour"]

Tomorrow is our best hope for a signing before the deadline day. If we make a signing before noon then the player is legible for Sundays game v united. After that we play Leeds and Norwich. With the greatest respect, I can't see levy pushing the boat out to bolster the squad before those fixtures. Tomorrow or levy time[/itk]

This is speculation rather than actual ITK, but interesting... especially given talk that DL was off to Europe today/tomorrow
[itk="18th January 2013, in, JJetset, MVila, itk, 7, rumour"]We have been sniffing around to find out the latest with him......
Could be his agent drumming up business as that's what they do.[/itk]
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