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[itk="18th January 2013, in, Ryan Tegan, MVila, itk, 7, rumour"]Apparently we are interested in Mvila according to my boss. QPR has offered him 80k a week though[/itk]
[itk=19th January 2013, in, JJetset, Moutinho MVila, itk, 8, rumour"]The committee want M'vila but the coach doesn't.....
He just wants a certain Moutinho.
Unfortunately I know who will be disappointed regarding Moutinho.[/itk]
[itk="19th January 2013, in, Archibald, MVila, itk, 8, rumour"]The 2 midfielders in question are completely different players and fees.
There is a disagreement but not a stalemate - AVB likes the beautiful game more than the destroyer. Before Sandro was injured Mvilla wasn't really an option

Mvilla- box to box animal, available for £6m, young with a huge sell on benefit and perfect cover now for Sandro and better than Hudd, Livermore, JJ etc.

Moutinho - deep lying playmaker- similar to Alonso but slightly more mobile. A lot of money(£20m) and ownership issues which caused a massive problem in the summer and really annoyed our Chairman. We wont know if the deal is done until very late anyway as the goalposts are moved constantly as you ae negotiating with many parties.

If AVB wants Moutinho then do you support him and go all out and take your whole budget with you?

IMO MVilla apart from his so called disruptive nature is the one to go for as leaves us with money to add another player and perhaps not just a loanee.

Time will tell if we get either but you cant knock the committees record to days i suppose although we could have gone for it properly last January and probably have finished 3rd if we did![/itk]
[itk="22 January 2013, in, The Cobra, Son Heung-min, itk, 5, rumour"] Heard a whisper we have enquired about Son Heung-min of Hamburg.[/itk]
[itk="22nd January 2013, in, The Cobra, Diame, itk, 7, rumour"]

"Look at both Wanyama and Hooper.

Diame's release fee clause has been met, however Spammers refusing to let us talk. Woolwich are also monitoring him.

Callejon is a loan option if needs be."[/itk]
[itk='28th January 2013, in, Gyid, Willian, itk, 4, rumour']I am posting this not from my usual sources so I'm not excited but 2 different people have come to me with this! Now I get lots of info but I ignore most as I only trust a handful who have constantly given me correct info! The reason why I post this and find it interesting is because its 2 different people and they have named the same fee! I was told a €21m euro bid for willian has been made! I must re-iterate its not my usual source and hate giving info that I'm sceptical on but thought it was worth a mention[/itk]
Lots of ITK last night, (nothing too exciting though) - will try and catch up when I can.. in the mean time

[itk='30th January 2013, in, The Cobra, Player X, itk, 3, rumour']
Heard a whisper that our striker problem good be solved with an audacious loan move for an 'A' list player

I'm trying to find out some more info and will hopefully be able to fill in some blanks later...

At the moment I'm rated this a 3 as although a name was mentioned, and a loan move is 'Classic Levy' it was based on a guess, which is why i've not put the named I was told on here. Classic ITK move. However, don't want to start a shit storm. My personal opinion is that this is mere rumour with no substance (if the player I was told is in fact correct)... however if it is true then it will be all over twitter before too long - Sibs
[itk='30th January 2013, in, Ackie, Round Up, itk, 6, rumour']
If not LD, it will be Negredo!
Will try for Willian...
But so far Negredo!
Bentley to midlands...

Option still there for a RM loan option.
May have a last try for Mouts but it looks like Negredo!

A striker from Germany - who? I don't know but I heard Negredo!​
[itk='30th January 2013, in, POTL, Damiao, itk, 7, rumour']
Damiao- Yellow. Isn't a goer (hears thousands of groans).

AVB doesn't want anyone in that won't enhance the squad. Doesn't want a body in for the sake of it. We are not far down the line with anyone.

There will still be a couple of loans to go out, one of which could be a senior player depending on what we do tomorrow.

Jake was all agreed at QPR, circumstances changed when Sandro did his injury. However this may happen tomorrow again dependant on other variables tomorrow.

Apologies if vague, but that is exactly what it is at the moment- deadline day won’t go quiet at WHL tomorrow.
I also should of added, we are looking at a few striking options- could be a late loan in with a view to a perm.

[itk='30th January 2013, in, Breezer, Players, itk, 7, rumour'] No players arrived last night and no player is booked in for today.[/itk]

From memory Breezer's contact work at the training ground or the lane, or a medical centre that does our player medicals... or something like that - Sibs
[itk='30th January 2012, in, PoTL, Townsend, itk, 8, rumour']Townsend on loan, Arry.[/itk]

Would this leave us a little short of cover for Lennon/Bale? - Sibs
[itk='30th January 2013, in, King, Scot Parker, itk, 4, rumour']
Just spoken to an agent who told me holtby would probably play tonight. I assumed he would play Parker and Dembele, he told me "Parker could be on his way to another London club"... Spurs have an open ended deal which they are happy with, just depends on if they can find a replacement that makes it worthwhile. He thinks its unlikely to happen, but with lots of irons in fires its a possibility.​
An agent who looks after a lot of our youth team and a couple of first team players. We were with a spurs member of coaching staff too, who nodded along.​
Reading between the lines, if we sign a decent CM / CDM for an acceptable price then he will move, if not we are more than happy to keep him.[/itk]​
[itk='30th January 2013, in, WPD659, 2 Players, itk, rumour, rumour']Something is going on today as biatch said cant say alot but there was ment to be a medical done yesterday, the other club said we could do a medical but something happened and the other club then changed there mind and said he cant come for the medical now until a deal is agreed. Also said expect 1 mayb 2 in tomoz.[/itk]
[itk='30th January 2013, in, Cabinessence, Willian Damiao, itk, 7, rumour']I know it's just repeating stuff I've given before but with a slight bit more info. But as my biz assoc spoke with the man this week, I thought I'd keep you up to speed. The two we're after are Damiao & Willan. No surprises there. Apparently they're murder to do biz with (pot calling the kettle black there Danny Boy) as you have to deal with about 15 family members who all own a piece and it takes months and months to basically get nowhere. Still saying AVB is happy, but is that because the other options that might be gettable this window don't take his fancy and he'd rather wait? Cards close to chest time as ever these days but could be papers are right about going back in for Damiao, but then that makes his remarks about it taking months a load of b*llocks if he's leaving it till the last 24 hours.
The thing is he may be right about how long it takes to deal with these people, but f*ck me he's had about 2 yrs now hasn't he? So either you relent on the terms or move on to different targets.​
[itk='DEADLINE DAY, in, Jasper, Strikers, itk, 7, rumour']Regardless of what AVB says in public we are still trying for a striker out of 3/4 options, the problem is our method and terms for obvious reasons as we ideally want loans with view to summer permanents, and unless something different has happened Diame's people are pushing him goons way as his first choice, but we still trying on that one. Couple more options which are loan options.

Who really knows what will happen, and BTW there is truth in Son (cant see it) and Negredo. We inquired about Hooper with a aim to find out what their price would be and no movement there. Love a big surprise but cannot see it at all.

It seems that Hudd would rather another club than Fulham, but let us see.[/itk]
[itk='DEADLINE DAY, in, JJetset, Players Out, itk, 7, rumour']DL is clearing the decks as he says we have a lack of money. The boys to QPR are going cheaper than cheap and are better than what they have. H can trust them apparently!

Now there is 2 ways to look at the clearing the decks scenario:
1. We genuinely are skint and have to balance the books as we have no money as DL keeps saying?
2.He is clearing the decks for an impending arrival or arrivals?

You go with whatever you want for tomorrow depending on what floats your boat, or if you are a glass half full or half empty....

I'm keeping schtum as i honestly dont know at this point in time!![/itk]
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