January 2022 - Transfer Window

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Ronaldo and Messi, possibly Mbappe all will plead to play in the Uefa Vauxhall Conference, which is now Europe's premier competition according to Nigel Farage on his primetime GB news programme. The others are just a conspiracy to get us (I mean the UK) to re-join the EU. (Disclaimer, these are not the views of myself, but of someone down the pub whose mate saw something on the Internet about a tractor driving around the country promising free candyfloss to all school children in the future)


Why haven't we signed anyone yet? Pull your finger out, Levy, you bald fuck. :nunoout:

This is depressing/disappointing/shambolic/disgusting/outrageous/farcical*.:memeokay:

Relegation looms.

*delete as appropriate


A&C's a cunt, Hercules wanks off cats...
Jesus, personally I was looking forward to September 1st arriving so I could stop pondering who Spurs may or may not sign/sell, but some of you want to start thinking about January already?

Silly season is over, time to just enjoy actually watching football for a little while, well, once the bloody international break is out of the way anyway...


Yeah boy

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Kane out, everybody in.

Revolution, not Evolution.

No ignored member as thread started,

Ooh Happy Days.

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