January 2022 - Transfer Window

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her eyes got thinner


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Thank you, yes, Amanda Staveley is absolutely the scariest looking person I’ve ever seen!

Plastic surgery gone horribly wrong, right?

I believe so, which is why I commented although I probably shouldn't comment at all, but I feel less guilty about it when it is someone who makes the crazy choice to do it to themselves with plastic surgery.

As someone posted with the pictures above it is a crazy before/after to show why you should not get plastic surgery.
Went to my son's school in Wimbledon.

Most young players should stay clear of the top 6 clubs because the likelihood of them succeeding, especially when they are bought from a smaller club is very low.

It's hard to decline what looks to intents and purposes as a great offer but unless you are exceptional; Ronaldo, Bale, Rooney, Alli to a large extent for 3 or 4 years, it's simply too much of a jump and an ask.
Until they play 1st team men's football more often than not you can't tell.
Call me crazy....

but Carlos seems like a totally unncessary purchase.

right footed CB.

Sanchez has been good and Romero is coming back.

surely we're better properly going after Torres in the summer?

focus on CM this window which is much more pressing?
Torres has no interest in us, said as much in summer.

As far as Sanchez being good enough the less said the better.

I agree a CM should be priority number 1 however.
Don't see us outbidding Newcastle for that Carlos so that's bollocks.

If Don Paratici can deliver the four requests from Conte we'll finish second.

Don't have to outbid them. We know the asking price. Maybe bid on wages, but may hold the advantage by not being relegation fodder and owned my murderers.

Some just develop quicker at that level and don't push on happens more often than not

People really struggle to understand the kids leagues are nothing like the mens leagues.

very rare mate

That's pure drug abuse and massive mental health issues.
To be fair, I think she's sorted herself out and stopped the decline.
Another shocker was Amanda Byrnes
I understand the apprehension surrounding Traore but I think he could do a real job at RWB. Would offer a lot from that position as long as Conte can get a tune out of him defensively. He’d take a lot of attention off our attackers and I can picture him bombing forward with plenty of one on one opportunities.
I’m not sure about Berg over Moura in the 10. Seems more of a finisher or wide player to me. I’m wondering if Conte might mix up playing 2 or 3 up too depending on who the opposition is. With a 2 you pick from Berg, Son or Kane depending on fitness/rotation but keep Moura in the 10. With a 3, any combo of Moura, Son or Berg wide of Kane. Or even Berg in the middle of Kane needs a rest
Isn't Lucas a bit too unsmart to play 10?
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