January 2022 - Transfer Window

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The Roma links never made much sense.

They have nobody on anything close to the wages Ndombele is on so would likely need us to cover a large portion of the wages. Ndombele did not fit into Jose's system here and wouldn't fit in there. Tanguy and Jose didn't seem to have a great relationship, even if they did it doesn't seem like the kind of manager, style or club that Tanguy would want to go to (or honestly should go to).


ENIC hokey cokey
wonder if we can get saul in the deal on loan at chelsea looked good against us, left footed midfielder

He's been shit this season according to them, the only game he played well was against us (surprise surprise)

Think he has a 12 month loan deal with Chelsea anyway so it wouldn't happen.
Everton are so, so dumb.

Alli would be perfect for them another bone headed move that does nothing to help them at all. He is the exact kind of player they should be avoiding like the plague.
Shhhhhh! Don’t tell Everton that!

Everton, he’s the perfect fit for you. And you should also sign N’Dombele, he’s just want you are missing…..
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