Joao Sacramento

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I was wondering about Sacramento during the game. Mourinho’s history is of success, but that’s with other AMs. I can’t remember who it was who switched AM and it became desperately more challenging for the team to achieve.
Anyway, it’s a team game and Jose is in charge of the team so will always be the broadest shoulders for the knife to fall, I guess.
Shouldnt the knife be going for the person with the thickest neck?

Interesting article on our new number 2. I think this is a clear indicator that Mourinho has changed his approach to management. He is known for past, counter attacking football, which is the opposite of what Mourinho specialises in. I think it could be a great pairing for us.
are you sure!!!??!


Interesting position though. If Jose goes and he is interim he has a brilliant squad at least in the attack end. Wouldn’t take much to change the tactics and get significantly better football/results and thus boost his imagine. If I was him I would be tempted even if Spurs is not his long term.
Another AVB by the looks of it. Never played I bet either same as JM and a few others. How do these guys get jobs? Just through mates, translators , etc😀
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