Jose Mourinho

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Do you accept Jose Mourinho as your saviour?

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    Votes: 329 68.8%
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10 years from Triplete Inter

“Even if you are far (away from each other) you are always close and I feel even in my (current) job, I feel how close they are; the ‘Good luck’ before the game, the nice feedback after the good results, a positive word after a bad result. If now I switch off the phone with you and I sit in my office I for sure will have lots of messages in our WhatsApp group, and that for me is the most important thing. In my career, all the big achievements of my teams, all of themwere teams with this kind of bond, this kind of mentality. Everything in a football team starts when you have this kind of empathy, and we had that.”

If he can foster a group spirit with us like he did at Porto and Inter then that really would be something. I think we already have a good group spirit but with new players coming in it could do with fostering.

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In the training video looks like he's training a 433 press with Dele wide left
I’m hoping he has some tricks up his sleeve when matches return. If not we’ve got to wonder what him and his coaches have been holed up together for two months have been doing.

He could of just be being used there for that session as those were the players at the managers disposal that day?

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