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Just like some who refuse to admit that they were wrong about Sissoko!
What is it about human nature that so many can't admit when they're wrong? Always fascinated me. When it comes to Spurs I'll take being proven way off all day long if it means the team is doing better.

I've flip-flopped over Jose and was sick of him after B'mouth 0-0. However, firmly behind him now.
As a Barca fan I still remember the brilliant Barcelona coached by Pep getting knocked out in the CL semis by a very pragmatic, disciplined and opportunistic Inter, coached of course by JM. That Inter team went on to win the CL, and this very pragmatic, tough, tactically desciplined and intelligent Spurs reminds me very much of that Inter team, and their chance of winning the title is just as good as that of any other top English team.

Graun BTL match comment

To Hope is to Dare

or something like thiat
This time last year we were outlcassed by United (that's Sheffield United btw) at the Lane in a terrible 1-1 draw.

LB on loan
RB on the cheap
CM on the cheap

Pretty good

The real miracle is getting Aurier and Siss NOT to give away silly freekcikcs

Maureen the Magician


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You can't beat experience and Mourinho has it in spades ...

Today he set up to have Son (switched flanks) and Bergwijn to run off Kane. Clearly the two front men had been told shoot low as Ederson is weak along the floor .... pretty much that was the inspiration ...

Behind that a keeper - back four - midfield three whose main job was to stop City playing and feed Kane. Not rocket science but superbly executed by a group of players who all know exectly what they are supposed to do ...

Aurier - Dier - Toby - Reguilon not the best back four in the EPL but starting too look very well drilled (remind you of any other title winning Mou teams) indeed swap in Doherty, Rondon? Tanganga, Davies, Sanchez and chances are that discipline will remain, that's what Mourinho demands.

Sissoko, Hojbjerg, Ndombele three players whose job today was to hound and harass the City big names, whilst we wind Blakey up he has a point Sissoko isn't a "world class" defensive or attacking midfield player, but what Blakey misses is that give Sissoko a job to do and he's immense. Having Winks, LoCelso, Fernandes, Dele is maybe not ideal cover, but again Mourinho will be drilling these players to step-up or indeed a January signing might be on the cards.

Kane, Son, Bergwijn, Bale, Moura, Lamela and now Sid .... come on that's as good as we've ever had up front and no question the best front seven in the EPL.

This is looking like a Mourinho side after just 12 months ... having a plan, even a boring plan, and getting your entire squad to stick to that plan is how you win things ... let's hope that once again Mourinho shows he's the man.
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