Jose Mourinho

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Do you accept Jose Mourinho as your saviour?

  • Yes

    Votes: 402 60.3%
  • No

    Votes: 265 39.7%

  • Total voters
What a horrible, horrible performance. Can't see any reason for playing sissoko at RW - very frustrating how the average fan knows from the start that it's a bad idea yet a manager of Jose's stature keeps it that way for 75 minutes.
It feels like we're experiencing karma for selling out on our traditions, starting to look more and more like his Man Utd team that did the same thing. Best hope is winning the Carabao and the Europa, also like United did in his first season there.
We should have taken our chances, yes.

But in the 2nd half the game was flat. Ndombele was gassed, Sissoko wasn't working.

We don't bring on Dele or Bale, we bring on Lamela.

Can someone please workout what the fuck is going on inside his head because I will defend Jose to the hill and back but I can't understand it for SHIT.
Loooooool a draw against Fulham and all the anti Mourinho tarts come out absolutely delighted with that, rubbing their hands. Yeah, draw against a team desperate to get out of relegation, let's sack him.

Seriously, it's a poor result but at the same time Spurs would have also lost a game like this in the past. We don't show up against bottom sides, something we've been guilty of for years.

Poor result but onwards and upwards. Still 6 points off the league leaders.
Shameful tactics?
Tonight we have missed 5 clear cut chances to win the game(Son 3 Regi 1 and Kane 1) yet fucking idiots like you blame the manager
Fuck you calling me an idiot. We were shit 2nd half. No desire to get a 2nd goal. He picks Sisdoko at RW? WTF.

But I guess it's all the players fault in your eyes. Clueless
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