Kieran Trippier

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Conveniently leaving out this was after Walker had told our manager in the middle of the title run in that he wanted to leave!! Walker was undisputed first choice until then and you and many others who are now towing the "he's nothing without pace" line would have been calling Poch out if Trippier was picked ahead of him.

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Can Trips just go ahead and take all of our corners next year? Pretty sure England has already scored more from corners than maybe we did all of last season?

Not sure what the deal is, but Eriksen just hasn’t produced much from out there. I always hate to sound critical because he is world class for sure. But with Christian’s ball striking abilities, I really like the idea of him lurking around the edge of the area during corners.

First post, BTW!
Sign expensive foreigners...not got enough premier league experience.

Sign defender with premier league experience....unambitious.

ENIC (Levy) can't win whatever they do. The guy is solid, if not remarkable, and I am pretty confident he'll give his all in every game he plays after listening to his interviews. We know what he can and can't do and yes while he isn't a world beater he fits with our style and (I hate this term) philosophy right now.
Let's be honest here, he's yet another player who hardly anybody rated that's been turned into a fucking superstar by Pochettino. Another great advert for any player thinking about joining Spurs...


I hate the tabloid press SO MUCH!
Seriously praying that injury isn't too bad.

Literally cannot believe I'm the first to post about that freekick either. So disappointed to lose but so delighted to see an English Spurs man get one in a world cup semi final!

SouthStand Billy

It seems some people need to realise that there is a world of football outside of the CL and the Hollywood pretty Boy clubs..

Just because he isn't on the front cover of FIFA 16, or he can't whistle the theme tune of the CL music, doesn't mean he's not a good player..

This is a good signing if it comes off.

Woolwich fans stamp their feet if they don't make CL signings, looks like we have a few as well..
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I love how 3 months ago there was literally a fucking thread talking about how our "weak" full backs won't ever allow us to win anything.

Nothing has changed in those months, Tripps wasn't better for England than he was for Spurs. He's always been a fantastic full back when he's played for us and I'm grateful we have him.
Again, I apologise for drinking & posting,

It's OK mate, we all know that feeling.



Up The Spurs! Slava Ukraini! 🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺🇦
Looks like another one whose wages we’ll have to double...


... albeit to £10k per week ...

Tonight Trippier became a man. He's been outstanding for a season and a half already, but tonight he showed everyone exactly why he is an England international.

A clever, reliable talented footballer. Reads the game, and commands his part of the pitch with confidence.

Did himself proud tonight, and I for one am happy to watch him grow into his role with us over the coming years.

Upgrade my fucking arse.

Well done son
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