Kieran Trippier

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Poch has said his feeling on the Trippier injury is that it's not too bad - but won't know until Monday.
No freak out here, but his injury history is worrying. Seems like he barely played last year until he picked up the hip injury on a seemingly innocuous play. Now he goes down in preseason. While he is a good offensive player when he plays (needs to improve defense vs top teams), our depth at RB could be a bit worrying.
Its not the usual thing for the OS to have an very specific injury update on a single player. Suggests to me that the club are just as well aware as us about our lack of cover in that area. Hopefully.


"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
Thought he would of learned from the first tackle that forced him to limp off the pitch.

It's only a friendly

It's only a friendly

It's only a friendly

I thought that too, but the lads got a point to prove.... At least we know he's fully invested in being #1.
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