Kieran Trippier

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Talked too much. Said last night that just practiced putting the penalty in the same place. no point in changing. Now if he gets another penalty shoot out will have GK going that way. He either needs to practice shooting elsewhere or the shot will have to be so good that the GK still cannot save it. Should have kept his mouth shut. We do not know what the others have been practicing which is better.
This is from a Guardian article...
"England’s penalty takers began their rehearsals before the friendlies against the Netherlands and Italy in March and will continue to do the same in every practice session for as long as they are in this tournament. Often that routine means telling the goalkeeper where they are aiming their shot, the idea being that the only way to score would be to produce what Marcus Rashford described as “the perfect penalty”."


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I think Davies played just the one game at CB and did ok but it was in a game that we dominated so wasn’t put under any pressure

Davies has played 3 games for us this season at centre back. We kept a cleansheet in every single one of them. Whilst two of those games were Burnley (H) and Tranmere (A) - he also started in the North London Derby in the cup when we won 2-0.

Versatile and relatively solid a defender. More than happy to keep him around.
leaving his crossing for a moment, I think the passes he plays outside the full back into the inside forward runs of dele, son, eriksen etc are superb and another facet of his delivery.
I was gutted when we sold walker. I know he wasn’t perfect but he was fucking good on his day. I remember when Rose and Walker were both considered to be the best full backs in the league. This makes me sad


The Swellhead Spur

Annibyniaeth Cymru
Good move for him, out of all our right backs I'd prefer we keep him.

When we got him it was a joke right? That meme of like United sign Pogba Scum sign Sanchez and we sign Tripper?

What a signing he has been, helped take us to the next level, has had some lovely assists and moments.

Will always remember him fondly, goodly Trips you done well for us
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