Kieran Trippier

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Absolutely tremendous today (as was Davies). All four of our fullbacks bring something different to the table. Incredible depth at what is probably the toughest position to fill in Poch's system.

Minor side note: He should definitely be taking corners when he is on the pitch. He was great at it last year for Burnley and we've been a bit inconsistent at times.
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I've always thought him invaluable as a relible squad played with a first class attitude. Just doubted wether he has the attributes needed to be first choice in a side that has title or champions league aspirations. His performances for England though are leading me to revise my onions, I think

Always surprises me when people are amazed by Trippier in the world cup, yet somehow they missed the fact he's been playing the same way, and to the same standard for over a year now


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He's earned it.

Nothing but patience, perseverance, hard work and determination has got him where he is now. He was signed upon being relegated from the Premier League as a back up because he happened to be better than Kyle Naughton.

Since then he's gone from strength to strength. Went from 'He's got a great cross' to England's starting right back at a World Cup, scoring in a World Cup semi final and becoming a starting right back for a Champions League team competing at the top end of the table.

Fair play.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
bus-conductor bus-conductor & Guido 🇺🇦 Guido 🇺🇦

...One last dance? ...For old time's sake?

The day has finally come, no need to dig up all that has already been said as I simply don't have the energy for it but I'm feeling a bit vindicated that we've sold a really average player that I've said he has been since the day he has rocked up at Hotspur Way.

He had given us value at £4m that much is a certainty but that was really all he was worth when we bought him and thanks to a massively inflated market he's given us a tidy return on that sum back, thanks Frodo and happy crossing in La Liga. I genuinely salute any Englishman that looks to play on foreign shores, as so many choose Easy Street in blighty, just sitting on fat salaries turning up for training then going home without giving a shit about playing the game.

For those of you that think we are now exposed and have done the wrong thing I urge you to pause for a second and remember how you felt when Tripps was named on the team sheet, you will not need to feel that way now. This isn't a disaster, it's a good day as we are addressing the problems within our squad.

If you are scared about not replacing him, (I think that we will be fine with Aurier and KWP, not perfect but fine) just think about this, until TODAY not a single leak was made (or maybe Bill Madrid Bill Madrid mentioned one) but really this transfer has come completely out of the blue, it might be the same if we choose to bring in a replacement. Just saying.

Happy Frodo day to you all one and all.
The only oh dear is you my friend. Still wanking over one of the worst players to wear a Spurs shirt in the past 5yrs.

I've not seen KWP getting dry-humped with the oppo's every attack this season, remember that happening almost every week when Frodo was playing.

KWP is not the finished article but has already given us more balance to how we play with him on the pitch than when Frodo played.
Ridiculous statement regarding trippier. So shit one of the best coaches in the world bought him and he sits top of la liga at this time
He had a very poor season but so did everyone he isn't a shit footballer and definitely not one of the worst in 5 years


This deal seems pretty much done now. So hopefully no last minute problems with contract negotiations we can say welcome to Spurs!

A few tasty stats from last season thanks to Jayc1 Jayc1 & SinghYid SinghYid


Kieran Trippier 82
Jan Vertonghen 70
Federico Fazio 68
Nabil Bentaleb 65
Danny Rose 60


Danny Rose 70
Kieran Trippier 57
Jan Vertonghen 43
Eric Dier 39
Kyle Walker 29

Chances Created

Christian Eriksen 84
Kieran Trippier 64
Erik Lamela 60
Nacer Chadli 41

Accurate Crosses

Kieran Trippier 91
Christian Eriksen 32
Erik Lamela 27
Danny Rose 19
Andros Townsend 11

Fouls Commited

Chiriches - 10 games, 11 fouls committed
Walker - 15 games, 15 fouls committed
Trippier - 38 games, 17 fouls committed
Dier - 28 games, 21 fouls committed
Rose - 28 games 49 fouls committed
As said previously, even if he just puts a bit of pressure on Walker to pull his head out of his arse and become the player he once was then he's worth every penny.
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