Kieran Trippier

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Me right now after being slammed for saying Trippier had usurped Walker at Spurs.

Must admit, have always thought he was solid and steady if unspectacular, but he's been really impressive in this tournament. Think we might have a different player on our books if he carries on with this form
Honestly think he should win one of them balls (golden, silver, bronze) should England progress further. How many players shone consistently so far.
Hope he isnt drinking some performance boost tea, cause he played like he possessed.
Still let's far too many crosses in and probably should be doing better on the line for the goal.

But fuck criticism.

His penalty was fucking incredible. What a player.
Fair, but it was "Hendo" yet again showing his credentials that led to the opportunity. KT can't help being a wee man!


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Tried to think of some funny rhyming chant to insert here.

Did a google and found this on a Burnley forum from 2014

When Tripper goes marching down the wing
Kieran, Kieran
When Tripper goes marching down the wing
Kieran, Kieran
When Tripper goes marching down the wing
The Longside fans begin to sing
We all know that Burnley are gonna score

(Tune: The animals went in two by two)
Thought he was excellent again last night. Hoping the boost this run and recognition will give him will give him a boost next season and beyond for us.
Loved his honesty in the post match interview last night where he conceded he misjudged where Mina was going to put the ball and got wrong footed.
He wears a shirt
with a cockerel on it
A touch like velvet
In his white and blue

In our back line
We are happier
With our trippier
Than the other fool

To the old Ginola song (any dream will do)
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