Lamela’s Legacy

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Freedom from Samsara
This article focuses too much on his shithousery and yes this is a bit of what endeared him. But it was his effort levels when he got on the pitch which made us love him. He would bleed for Spurs and run himself into the ground for the team and the article barely touches on this. He did that when we were near top of the league and he did it when we were 7th.

This is what we will miss.

How pertinent to now, epic post.

Massive Conte

I'd take one injury prone Lamela over 11, fat, lazy and selfish Ndombeles.

His muscles may have been made out of old elastic bands but his heart was solid gold. He gave a shit about the shirt which is much more than can be said for many of our current crop.
Yes his first (2013/14) and 4th (2016/17) seasons were mostly write offs, but he made at least 33 appearances in all the other 6 of his 8 seasons at Spurs. Still a fairly injury prone player but not out of action quite as much as it seemed.
Hate to say it, but his only real legacy is disappointment.
8 years of glimpses of potential followed by a long injury, then abject performances, back to glimpses and round in the loop again.

Probably the first time I got carried away with internet football scouts who were all wanking themselves silly when we were linked to him.
I'm at the stage now where I don't believe a word of the shit I read online about players I personally haven't seen yet.
An absolute waste of a shirt.

But but he ran around a bit!

Fuck that. He was dogshit. Maybe, maybe 5 good games in the 7 bastard years we were paying him to lie in the medical room wanking off to Loose Women every weekday.
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