Last season's table with VAR

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With VAR they'd have been out the champions league last year

No one makes much of the weight of decisions they had in their favour up til the final

(Where they played the one team you never get decisions over lol )
That table is complete bollocks, but I do think VAR should be a part of the modern game and I can't believe that it's been used at a World Cup yet still hasn't had its moment at Premier League level.

I know it's subjective but it reduces the error %. Anything that does that in a multi million pound sport simply needs to be a part of the modern game.
they are testing VAR this season, not using it to change on pitch decisions, just making sure it works ok.
I wonder what the feedback is to the on pitch ref's afterwards.
Hmm, just had a look at the website with the full details of it all, at ESPN - THE LUCK INDEX. And guess what the first point they make is...


Yes, apparently the dippers were robbed of 2 points in their match against us. Which according to their methodology, means that for the match in question at least two of the three coders highlighted an incident as ‘possibly incorrect’, and former referee Peter Walton may also have double-checked it and agreed. For me that's enough to possibly discredit the whole thing - which is a shame, as other than that very subjective element, the methodology they've used looks to be very well thought through.

Also it should be noted that they've not just looked at VAR-type incidents, they looked at other lucky/unlucky events too:
  • Incorrectly awarded free kicks that resulted in goals
  • Goals scored after the allotted injury time expired (which I don't agree with as injury time is a minimum anyway and it never properly accounts for stoppages)
  • Deflected goals


Eric sends his regards
How the fuck are Woolwich so high?!

That is really calling into question the validity of this!

Feels like every week they get an offside handball, dodgy pen, opposition goal disallowed for no reason, etc etc.
Note I said it feels, not they definitely do. Always without doubt though there is a stench of spawn surrounding them.

Please football gods let them be West Ham level when VAR comes in!

Here’s where I stand on this Robot, laser guided human interpretation, flip a coin for the right decision, load of bollocks.....
Pochettino is a fairly intelligent man, been in football most of his life, and self-admittedly says he hasn’t a clue how this thing works....and he’s right, if we don’t know, how, when, where, it actually kicks in to the “phase of play” we are still at the hands of the ref “human error” to ask for it, if it kicks in automatically does the ref get lazy and expect it to cover his ass, ie; I’m not sure about the penelty so fuck it play on and VAR will call me in the next 5mins if it was a pen.....
The powers to be needed to nip this crap in the bud earlier and VAR should have died a death before it grew the can of worms has been opened the beautiful game is screwed....
Goal line technology is a good thing, should have left it at that!
With regard to the penalty vs City.

I don't blame VAR or the referee, they have been instructed that such incidents ARE penalties, even though it is obvious to anyone who has kicked a ball in a park, let alone played the game, that it was NOT a penalty.

The referees are hamstrung by the rues/directives.

The yellow for Danny was ridiculous though.
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