League Cup 2018/19

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I swear it's simply bizarre, we've met them in the league cup over the years at least twice the times we met them at the FA cup and it's been going on for 150 years.

anyway could be a lively night...if any member here has an angle for a ticket please DM me so I can book flights and do push ups
Haven't beaten Woolwich at the Emirates since Kaboul put one in the back of the net against them - I got a feeling that'll change this season.

It’s about time we smashed the scum in there own house!

Hope we keep all our players as fit as possible until then, you never know jan might even be in with a slight shout of playing this if he starts training early December.

Our players all know what this fixture means, we need to make it count. If we have Harry, Eriksen, Dele and Lamela all on the field. All fit and firing, then I can only see a result for us.

They are soft and spineless, instagram footballers and they don’t get this fixture like our boys do.


I was saying last night I think we have a better chance playing away in this competition. The support last night was quality, better and noisier than it would have been at Wembley or MK. If the game was in Tottenham or if it was a standard league game I'd take it at home.

It was a completely different demographic of fans at the game compared to Monday
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