League Cup 2020/2021

I/they have every right to be cautious because history proves one should... You dismissing the difficulties our fringe players have suffered in the last few years in the exact same circumstances is complacent if not slightly arrogant.
No history proves that the much better team wins much more often than the worse team. They should be cautious in the same sense they should be cautious every time they play and ready to give it their all each game.

But just because other teams lost doesn't increase or decrease our chances of winning. The team will win or lose on the merits of how it plays and unless we put our full u-23 side out we will be playing the game with the much more talented side.

Then it seems your initial contradiction was off-piste...... Perhaps you've just arguing for the sake of it; I'm not sure.

Someone else suggested what was essentially a C team.... I dissagreed; stating that should at least play a B team.... You disagreed multiple times over the course of multiple posts.

Make of it what you will..... I'll leave it here.
I am not arguing for the sake of arguing at all. Just like I pointed out in the initial post I responded to the team listed would be much more likely to win than the lesser team we will be facing.

It was a fairly simple disagreement to your post saying that line-up would lose to a full strength Leyton Orient or Plymouth, I am not sure why you are trying to make it any more complex than that.
Without having to really travel we should be able to have a few more regulars on the team or at least on the bench.

I can’t imagine it would put to much strain on them to have 3-4 first team guys on the bench to be used in a in case of emergency break glass situation.

Even a few coming back from Bulgaria should be able to go.
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