League Cup or Top 4?

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League Cup or Top 4?

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Thread should be League Cup or Top 3?

Loser's mentality most of you have.

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Champions league seems more meaningful to me then a beta domestic cup.

but I’m just an ignorant Yank, so
Don't be too hard on yourself, without the mindset of colonial thinking the ESL would never have seen the light of day......

Sad to say but finishing top 4 EPL is much more prestigious and carries bigger rewards than winning a domestic cup. That's not in my opinion its a fact borne out and brought about by the governing bodies who created a structure which does not necessarily reward merit, as demonstrated by the misnomer that goes by the name of the 'Champions' league?

If I were asked this question in general I would have to opt for the top 4 but as it is specific to us and our history is built on cup success I have no hesitation in voting for a cup triumph regardless of its tin pot stature.
Went for the LC, but only because I don't think top 4 is achievable. Even if we could close the gap, so can the 2 clubs ahead of us, assuming Liverpool and Everton win their games in hand.


We need a trophy for these players, they need to get over the final hurdle. If we win the league cup then maybe we win another trophy next season or the season after. A lot of big players won the league cup as their first trophy. Take Harry Kane for example, be wants to win trophies. Maybe Kane wins the league cup once and the Europa League once and thinks that's enough for him to stay at Spurs. There is no top 4 trophy.
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