League Cup Quarterfinal: Tottenham vs West Ham | Wednesday 22 Dec | 19:45 KO

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They’ve taken their double defeat really well 😂😂

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much salt.

Apparently we cheated covid rules, we paid the ref, we parked the bus, we time wasted after 5 mins, we dived and conned the ref.
20 Spurs fans attacked one scarfer, our fans punched women and kids.. 😆😆😆😆

They are in pieces.

Merry Christmas..
From kumb:

“Tottenham have definitely turned a corner, and no doubt the confident (deluded ) nature of their fanbase will rise to the surface over the next 24 hours.

We have recently experienced our love fest with the media about how great we have been.

Be prepared for the full on Conte / spurs renaissance.
It will be unbearable and sickly.to read , but we will have to read that Tottenham are back Tottenham are going to do this Tottenham are going to do that.
You know it's coming.”

Ha ha, how about our boys kicked you all over the high road tonight and another cup final passed you by you pikey cunts.

6 months of something that resembles more than mid table mediocrity and they think they have an opinion that counts about anything.


Château NoHo

Not sure if you saw it on sky coverage during match. Under nuno 20th ranked 115km team ran. Under conte 120km now 1st. Go figure.

Look at the state of this sausage.

The brass neck on these....

We've finished above this mob for something like 20 straight seasons and played in Champions league's for 4-5 seasons including a final and this mob finish above us one season and think they are our equals??

Any West Ham fans who can actually read and are lurking, consider this, You are having your best season ever, first time I think I've even seen you in a European competition. We had a manager who will go down as the second coming of Christian Gross for half this season and are STILL now poised to go into the top 4 above your shower of shit if we win our games in hand with a nice Brucey of a semi final to look forwards.

You are shit and always will be. Never ever forget that.

Expect to beat us? Fuck off
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