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Bill I was being slightly facetious with the rhyming part…. Of course there are thousands of ways to make a rhyme possible.

There was certainly some homosexual connotations and I believe that’s where the authoritative pressure should’ve been exerted because it wasn’t racist.
Cool, sorry if it sounded like I was having a go at you!

I remember at the time the clowns on The Guardian fixated on the racist part, as well as their assumption that we were ridiculing mental illness - that proper pissed me off, we were ridiculing a cunt, formerly "one of our own" not the rest of us with our demons you idiot hacks who, it was clear, had never been to a football match in their lives - it wasn't the usual football journos spewing out this shit, and me thinking how wrong it was. There was a game, maybe a NLD when some one had a Judas caricature and it was used as "proof". Like you can't hate a black player, despite all our protestations of our love for Ledley?

It stank, massively.


Judas was a traitor who hanged himself

Sick song but no racism whatsoever in it.

This isn’t at you but I always have to laugh at the irony of do gooders who see racism everywhere, because I’m afraid if the first thing you associate the song with is lynching and slavery in Alabama, because Sol Cambell (an Englishman)is the target, well maybe go have a look in the mirror at yourself

Bullshit, I used to to sing it to my shame!
Things have moved on and that is the point, spammers haven't.


Looking down at Woolich again
122 years later - things haven't changed a great deal...


I dare say PoshSeats' ancestors went around afterwards picking up the leftovers for their evening meals.
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