Leeds United!

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My old man took me to watch Spurs up there when I was a wee mite. Early 70’s I think. I don’t even remember it because I was so young. But my dad always reflected back on that game & told me how scared he was that he genuinely believed we were dead meat. By default, always loathed them since because my dad didn’t scare easily. He was a pretty handy bloke.
first game I truly remember was the FA cup replay against Altrincham at Maine Road. That was a bit tasty too with all the Man City fans looking for a bit of trouble.
He didn’t take me to Hillsborough for the game against Wolves which almost ended in disaster. The only time I even saw my dad shaking was when I got up the next day and he was still in bits at just how close everyone had come to a catastrophe.
But anyway, this is the Leeds thread and they can fuck off.
Can't stand the Leeds scum. Think they've a divine right to trophies.
Fans are even worse - only want to know if the numbers are in their favour.
A load of us got on the pitch up there after we drew 0-0 in 1980. They totally shitted themselves.
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