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ENIC hokey cokey
Arsehole mania forum at 2-1

Sp**s’ reign as top 4 favourites on A-M lasted about 3 days

Sp**s have been ****e since conte came.

How they have gone under the radar is a mystery.

good result for us regarding Sp**s but only if we take advantage against Burnley. Sp**s play chelsea in this weekend

Everywhere they go…

Ffs bergwin scores with last kick

Meh, but still dropped points.

Edit: or not fckin bottlers.
Jesus Christ Leicester. What a bottle job


Wtf Sp**s win **** off

I told you, Sp**s are walking top 4.

That Conte mentality tho.

Cheating refs at it again. Bergwhine should've been off.

**** sake. How they done that. ****ing Conte

Nah man Conte is different gravy.

I can't believe it. Actually ridiculous.

Are you fckin kidding me?! Leicester you absolute imbeciles.

Conte mentality.

Just after scoring they are storming on goal with 5 players in full sprint in the last minute.

Thats a disastrous result for us.

How do you even bottle this game? Bergwhine should've been sent off.

That's what happens when you've got the balls to appoint a manager like Conte instead of spending over two years trusting a process.

Conte’s touchline antics get on my ****ing nerves. Can’t wait to smash these pretenders.

win for Sp**s here is bad for us this 2nd time row they piss us off in last minutes wins. but Leicester deserve this of being so bad defensively you can't depend on them.

France Crying GIF by Paris Saint-Germain


ESL founding member
Thought I'd pop in over at Foxes Talk to see what they're saying about the game...

"Well that is a punch in the joystones.

I hate football.

I really hate Spurs"

"Bottled against the bottlers. We are the new bottlers."

"Sickening. Bergwijn should have been ****ing sent off literally seconds before. Moss is a ****ing disgrace."

"Spursier than the Spursiest thing I’ve ever seen. Bottlejobs"

"Second is hand ball, twice. The third is by a player who should have been sent off and after extra time, which was too long anyway, had finished. "

"Moss trotting off with them celebrating was weird, even more so that he didn't give him a second booking for going in to the crowd"

"absolutely ****ing pathetic

soft bunch of *****

i hope brendan kicks the **** out of all them in the dressing room

hope the spurs bus rolls and catches fire on the way home"

But no Covid cases. Unless they’ve changed the rules since the weekend when Leeds had to name eight non first team players on the bench because they didn’t have any Covid cases so couldn’t postpone. .

And still beat Spam
Leeds are due massive credit with how they have conducted themselves, making the best of a bad deal with an almost total absence of whining and no favouritism shown them.

Compare and contrast with the actions of certain others
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