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My thoughts precisely. Let's all raise a glass to a superb performance and even better attitude, so much hard work and determination. I'm off to pour a very large scotch. Then everyone can get back to their respective cunt-offs tomorrow. :)
Last night's cunt-off results

Anti-vax P-P Pro-vax
Pro-Kane P-P Anti-Kane
Anti-Lucas P-P Pro-Lucas
Pro-Boris P-P Anti-Boris
Snowflakes P-P Gammons

"In an unexpected turn of events all TFC matches were called off at the last minute after a very sudden outbreak of 'scoring two late goals to beat those fucking plastic inbreds' swept through the club and then forum. Posters reported feelings of dizziness, delirium and euphoria, some needing to resort to an excessive intake of alcohol in an attempt to calm symptoms. A spokesperson for TFC said 'It was a very unexpected turn of events but will not hold us back - our posters here are made of stronger stuff, and matches are expected to resume as early as Thursday".
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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Woke up on my birthday this morning , came straight on here to check that I didn’t dream that last night lol
Happy Birthday Congrats GIF by Mostapes

No better present :)
We as a club needed that last night. Fans and players. I don’t want analyse players, points or end of season league position. I just want to savour it for a few days
It's nowhere near as good as it was in the flesh. But just a little snippet of what it was like in the stands.

I couldn't get the goal reaction, I was too busy going nuts. But this is post winner and then after the final whistle.

Honestly I can't praise our support enough. We literally sang all game. I've been to loads of away matches I don't think we sang as much in any those compared to today.

Turn up the volume, put it on loop, maximise the screen, and inject it into your veins.


I wonder if I'm the only one wanting to put a response on this one but struggling to know which response to use?

I don't 'Like' that this poor guy broke his nose, and I certainly don't think it's 'funny' (well maybe a little). And, not being a doctor, I certainly am in no position to 'agree' or 'disagree' that he broke his nose.

Hope he had a great night and recovers soon without too much permanent damage to his mug. That's a bit specific to suggest as a response button I know, but if it was I'd press it here. :)
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