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Rewatched extra time a dozen times. Stevie's 1st, and then his 2nd. Fucking magic!

Honestly after watching it 10,000 times, I think the giveaway is a bit overstated. He’s at least trying to go forward and get a winner.

Even after giving it away, Leicester should never be conceding from there. They’ve got 6 behind the ball against really only 2 attackers.

The problem is that he and soumare get split by PEHs pass and then a massive fuckup by vestergaard who cant decide whether to pressure Kane or drop into space. Instead, he literally does neither, allows Kane to turn and cuts off nothing.

It’s now a 2 on 3 and Kane’s pass and Bergwijns pace beats the other cunt center back while vestergard slowly jogs back.

I think vestergaard is far more at fault for that goal followed by the other cunt CB.

Tielmans played a shit overall game which is maybe why he’s being scapegoated for the last goal.
Spot on, they let kane turn and pick his pass with zero pressure. Kane took it so quickly anyway but they might have blocked the pass.

Tielmans did fuck up that pass he basically tried what kane did but the difference was our player did block the ball. Tielmans ought to have played it safely out wide given how shit his defense had been all game but he misjudged the quality of the two teams i guess because surprisingly they had led for periods of the game.
While we still have lots of improvements to make, some real positives to take away tonight. The team fought to the end and showed some real spirit.

Docherty looks like he's finally getting some confidence and could have a future with us. Pleased he got an assist (ish).
Reguillon looked better than he has for while.
Kane lead from the front, even if a little wasteful.
Skipp, winks & hojbjerg pressing in unison

Lol. You made Harry sound like he gave a 7 out of 10 performance. He was the best player on the pitch by a country mile.

Give your head a wobble.
Last night's cunt-off results

Anti-vax P-P Pro-vax
Pro-Kane P-P Anti-Kane
Anti-Lucas P-P Pro-Lucas
Pro-Boris P-P Anti-Boris
Snowflakes P-P Gammons

"In an unexpected turn of events all TFC matches were called off at the last minute after a very sudden outbreak of 'scoring two late goals to beat those fucking plastic inbreds' swept across the club and then forum. Posters reported feelings of dizziness and euphoria, some needing to resort to an excessive intake of alcohol in an attempt to calm symptoms. A spokesperson for TFC said 'It was a very unexpected turn of events but will not hold us back - our posters here are made of stronger stuff, and matches are expected to resume as early as Thursday".
Despite the overall performance after both Leicester goals there was a sizeable section of spurs fans chanting “we want levy out” could have been proper toxic if the game finished after 94 minutes!


Listen to the fraud..........................

They were absolutely battered last night, shame about gift wrapping us a couple of goals!!!

Dick head!

"90 seconds at the end undone 90 minutes of good work"

WHAT THE FUCK WAS HE WATCHING?! Their 2 goals came from deflections. Spurs had 2 off the line, 3 off the woodwork and even more chances we didn't take.

Leicester were lucky not to come away with a 5-0 hiding.
I’m still trying to take it all in..Even watching the replays I’m expecting Stevie to miss.

This must be used as the turning point of our season, we could see how together the team was at the end and that team spirit should be utilised going forward.
This is the lift the club needed and will bring nothing but belief.
That dressing room will be buzzing and they will be totally looking forward to the Chelsea game.

Amazing game and even more amazing result, nights like this don’t happen very often so I for one am going to savour it.


Looking down at Woolich again
I feel sorry for the people who went home/turned it off early!
I so very, very nearly closed the laptop down, about 2 mins into injury time. Pretty glad I didn't though. I even had a dream last night - we beat Derby 5-0 :)...

...I was in the N Stand with my daughter, nice sunny day and we went 1-0 up. I was knackered and had a bit of a headache, so I suggested we went and sat on the touchline, just to the right of the goal, which we did (you can do things like that in your dreams). The Derby goalie was a right neanderthal man. Anyway, next thing I knew, I'd been asleep, it was the 85th minute and we were winning 5-0. I'd missed four goals. Story of my life.
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