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Latest Spurs videos from Sky Sports

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Watch it with this playing in the background... It's hilarious!

Mila Kunis Lol GIF
Outside of Palace, even Brighton seem to have a thing about Spurs. Weird.
Having moved down here, I notice that there are more Spurs around than any other club.

Having said that I'm impressed with how many locals support Brighton. The Spurs I know here look out for Brighton's results, one of them even has a ST at the Amex (as well as WHL, God knows how he gets away with that).

Brighton seems similar to Southampton in that respect. In fact when I spent time in the latter I can't recall EVER seeing a non-Saints scarf or top around town.
To the tune of We sang it

Oh Leicester City
It happened again
We fu*ked up your season
Right at the end

First it was Gareth
Then Stevie B
Gave you a scoreline
You couldn’t beleive

You tried to stop us
but look what you did
You turned Stevie Bergwijn
In to a YID

Into a YID
Into a YID
You turned Stevie Bergwijn
Into a YID

i read everything on this site, but write very little. But I fucking loved yesterday
Mate, watching those celebrations you can see the spirit in the team. Lucas pinching a hat, Lo Celso jumping on a stewards back, Stevie jumping to the crowd. I’m all for it.

Yeah, that was great to see. It’s the passion we seem to have been missing for a while.
Shout out to the BT Sport commentator that made the moment even better by screaming the living shit out of himself. Havent commented in a while but fucking hell I’ll remember this for the rest of my life.

Couldn’t have put it any better.
He came across as bias to me. Celebrated their goals a bit too much for my liking

Great win. If i had gone last night would have popped in a little mecca bingo near leicester ground to have a few. Popped in their a couple of years ago and needed to use the gents. They allowed us in and got club beer prices. £1.57 a pint. Think it was boxing day game when eriksen scored winner.
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