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The prodigal son. 🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦🇦🇱🇺🇦
I met expressions before and he was a genuinely nice guy......funny as hell as well.
He's proper Spurs as well. Doesn't clickbait or create fake drama to get views when we lose, unlike the gooner cunts. He gets more views when we win. Good on him for making a career out of it, even if I'd hate if I had a camera in my face for 90 mins in a football match.
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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Seriously... watch from 2:13:00


I know I'm going to sound like a right old fogey here, but good grief - it's one thing to act like this but to film it for the world to see!!
Boom Reaction GIF by MOODMAN
It's interesting how it looked as if Bergwijn anticipated another goal after scoring his 1st for the evening: instead of getting totally carried away he hardly celebrated his goal, and instead went straight for the ball (in the net) to re-start the game as fast as possible and signaled that to his team-mates and fans when he was running back for after the goal.... Then, after Leicester's kick-off, when he challenged Tielemens, he (Bergwijn) was easily feinted away and instead of running back to track down Tielemans, to try to retrieve the ball (which he normally would have done), he instead positioned himself in an attacking position as if he knew there would come another chance to score...
This accusation is getting a little tiresome.
They didn't need PED's. They weren't in Europe. They were knocked out of the FA Cup in R3 and the league cup in R4. Their style of play was to put every man behind the ball and defend for their lives, then hump it long to Vardy when the opposition lost concentration.
Their form in the 2nd half of the season before to stay up was exceptional, the Tinkerman didn't win that title. they just took huge momentum and carried on.
They then fell away again when they lost Mahrez and Kante. That would hurt anyone losing those 2.
And their Pharmacist...

Don't forget their Pharmacist.
Still mesmerised by this result. Second only to Ajax in the past 20 years or so. Pure excitement. The beauty of this one is that it’s a springboard for half a season rather than the blip in a downward curve that led to Poch getting the heave ho

It was a superb performance and a game nobody can seriously argue that we didn’t deserve to win.

We definitely need refreshing as a squad and last night didn’t change that but we looked very lean and mean last evening. Still loving it.
Seriously... watch from 2:13:00


Honestly, if you showed those last 2 minutes to someone who has no interest in football, and dislikes football fans, that might just convince them why! He's fucking MENTAL! ...and how the fuck did his trousers stay up?

Fair play, at least he says they would have been lucky if they’d won it...
To he fair, he comes across as quite a likeable, polite young man...
He actually looks like he's in genuine shock!
I like the fact he's doing his OWN post match interview in his (I assume?) bedroom!

Fucking funny though, innit?
At its inception, C18 was comprised of BNP and National Front members... and a coalition of football hooligans. English football thugs had a long-standing reputation as the black sheep of European soccer hooliganism. Combat 18 brought together thugs associated with West Ham, Millwall, and most notably, Chelsea, whose Headhunter gang was among the most notorious in football
Oh the irony!
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